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Former Prison Inmates stigmatized


Editor: Before I get into my subject, let me remind the Minister of Transport, Works and Housing that the North Leeward Highway needs cleaning. The grass is very high and so makes it difficult for drivers to see oncoming vehicles, especially around corners.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s good to know that efforts are being made to reform prisoners at her Majesty’s prison. However, the concern is for those persons who have completed their time at that institution and are on the outside. {{more}}

For many of them it is a frustrating time, since they normally encounter difficulties in finding employment because of the stigmatization that goes with it.

When such difficulty arises for them, then they are tempted to commit crime once again and as a result return to jail.

I think that efforts should be made to ensure that these persons are employed, whether self – employed, hired by a firm or some institution.

I would recommend that there be an establishment of an organisation, whether governmental or private that would reach out to these persons and ensure that they receive some means of livelihood and thus keep them out of trouble.

After all, they have already paid for their crimes.

Thank you.

Kennard King