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Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum


EDITOR: The people of my constituency – South Windward – are outraged. We stand insulted and decidedly so. It is clear that both political parties, and the few persons who operate them, have arrogated unto themselves the right to put forward whomsoever they want, irrespective of whom we want.##:[more]##

What else can one conclude when our political parties boast a wealth of experienced, talented people and other highly regarded resources but yet, can only find those two candidates for South Windward in the upcoming elections? Clearly, the main differences between them lie in their name and their age. They also have the option to go overseas to the country of their citizenship.

But, after all, we need a representative; something that has eluded us for a long time. Can we not find talented people in Cedars, Biabou, Bridgetown, Simon, Yambou, Calder, Akers, Victoria Village, Stubbs and Diamond, that are capable of representing us? What a pitiful situation!

What has happened to those decent people from our constituency who can make a real difference? There are lots of civil servants – teachers, nurses, and police – as well as farmers, shopkeepers and other people in the private sector, whether currently employed or not, who embody our hopes and can be ideal representatives to carry us and our country forward. It might not be politic to mention any names, but we know who they are and we long for them to come forward.

What has happened to people like: the Chief Surveyor Olliverre; Con Olliverre; Rosita Snagg; Patsy Ballah; Bass Shortte; Cassandra Shortte; Noel Dickson; Dr Adams; and a host of other individuals? What has happened to the Thomases, the Robinsons, the Harrys, the Johns and the Brownes?

I am aware that many of these good people have been persuaded to think that “politics is a dirty game and they should not get involved”, but to them I say “if that is the case, then there is no hope for progress, because politics will remain that way if it is left only to the dirty or to those who might be of that persuasion”.

I know also that there are a few, on both sides, who are proud to boast that if the party sends a crapaud or a broomstick, they will vote for it. But thank God we are in the twenty-first century and they only constitute the lunatic fringe, which happens to be a small minority.

As things are at present, these two candidates offer absolutely no choice! However, they might just implement their choice of citizenship.

Too many people are asking the question: Why don’t Mr. Daisley and Mr. Fitzpatrick get together, join forces and produce an independent candidate that can offer the people of South Windward a real choice?

That thought has merit. That step can be the real seed of a party for the development of my beloved country. We, in the diaspora, are anxious for some form of deliverance. It is morally imperative that we give this thought some credence.

Sylvina Browne