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Love Vine, Cuba and the Labour Party


EDITOR: I have corrected statements made by many of our journalists in SVG and the Love Vine is no exception. I find that many writers do not devote enough time to research the subject matter.

There seems to be a rush to get to the press. Bassy in his column of June 22, 2005, had this to say: “In 1979 when the volcano erupted, Castro took it on himself to send ah Cuban ship laden with medical supplies to SVG but it was Cato’s Labour Party Guv-ah-mint in power then and they behave like the supplies was coated with Common-is-him, so they would have nothing to do with that car-go.{{more}} The sailors weren’t even allowed to come ashore, foh fear that they would ah spread dis-ease called common-is-him.

Now today is the same Common-is-him coming back to correct Eye-dis-ease. Love Vine’s article is filled with half truths. Not many persons can remember what took place with reference to the Cuban Ship with supplies.

Some persons claim that the goods were accepted by the SVG Government some days after the arrival of the ship at Port Kingstown. Whether or not the supplies were received by the Government of SVG there is a valid reason why they were not promptly received. Subsequently, students approved by the SVG Government went to Cuba to study.

By omitting these important facts the truth has been distored. Now I want Bassy “The Love Vine”, to do some research and tell the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines why there could have been a valid reason for not accepting the supplies from Cuba promptly or not at all.

I am making an offer of EC$100 to the first person whose envelope will be opened with the correct answer. This offer is open until Friday, August 12, 2005. The correct answer will be published soon after August 12, whether or not the correct answer was submitted.

Please write to

J.G. Thompson

P.O. Box 854, Kingstown.