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Difficult to believe Caribbean national involved in bombing


Editor: With reference to the London bombings on Thursday, July 7, 2005, the SVG Green Party finds it extremely difficult to believe that a Caribbean National was involved as one of the four bombers for the following reasons:

(1) There is a vast difference in the culture between Pakistanis and Caribbean nationals to such an extent, that it is like trying to mix oil and water; {{more}}

(2) It is totally and utterly alien to the Caribbean culture for persons to be suicide bombers;

(3) Caribbean persons usually react spontaneously to injustices;

(4) History can show quite clearly that the Pakistani culture and the Caribbean culture have not meshed in the United Kingdom, to that degree where such a high level of trust in the secrecy of such a military style operation could have been maintained, to carry out such an outrageous act against society;

(5) Caribbean persons are peace loving and God fearing people who appreciate and enjoy life and we are usually on the look out for our neighbours as our brothers and sisters and finally,

(6) Caribbean people do not cultivate that kind of hatred against society for any wrong doing.

Ivan O’Neal

Leader and Co-Founder SVG Green Party