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Windward highway taking way too long


EDITOR: I don’t like to write critical pieces, as more often than not the guilty parties often think that their reputation or character is being besmirched. But this is NEVER the case, I deal with issues, (not comess) as they happen and who ‘want vex, let them vex’. I want YOU to be the judge!{{more}}

The reconstruction of the Windward highway is dragging along too slowly. The Minibus Association was so incensed about the long delay that they threatened action, but decided to wait it out. But it looks as though they will soon run out of patience. The Government made the fatal mistake when they asked Dipcon to vacate their base to make way for the VINLEC power plant at Lowman’s Bay. Government could have asked VINLEC to wait at least six-months to allow Dipcon, who had everything in place to achieve their deadline, to proceed with their contract and so avoid undue delays which are still plaguing the traveling public. Now if I was in government and screwed up like this, what would you have said?

The grand finale of Vincy Mas is ALWAYS the Georgetown Street Jump Up. People from everywhere come to unleash their unspent energy. So this bacchanal does be the hottest, as we say in local parlance.

I had to be in Georgetown that afternoon training persons in wireless communications and how to handle emergency messages via two way radio. Very timely, because we are in the middle of an active hurricane season. I would like to commend those persons who, despite the fact that there was a big street jump up about to take place, decided to make themselves available to acquire information on how to handle disasters.

On completion of the training course I went on to visit some family friends in Overland. The weather was bad, with lightning and heavy rain and it was rumored that the Jump Up would not take place, but as far as I know rain never stopped any street jump, much less the final one for Vincy Mas 2005.

I proceeded with caution as there were revelers waiting for action all along the Georgetown main road. Not a uniformed Police in sight. No “Detour” signs on the road and I wasn’t expecting a half-drunk reveler to be directing traffic. As I rounded a bend before entering Mt. Bentick Bay road I came face to face with a band of revelers, there was no time to reverse as revelers who now heard the music started to run towards the band from behind my vehicle.

The sensible thing to do then was to pull aside as did another vehicle behind me, in order to make way for the jump up to proceed unhindered. Well it was a nightmarish ten minutes which left my vehicle with a dent on the bonnet, being sprayed with beer and having my vehicle jumped on by unknown persons despite the fact that the hazard lights were on and in the spirit of carnival I suppose had parts of the vehicle daubed in J’ouvert Blue.

You might say “all ah dat is Mas”, I agree, but if there were officers directing the traffic, that would NEVER have happened. Who is going to fix my vehicle ?

Don DeRiggs

Donald De Riggs