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Let’s not lose our self respect


Editor: As election is fastly approaching many persons have become obsessed with Politics. Their obsession has led them to loose their friends, respect and even church members. {{more}}

It is unfortunate that many are so devoted to a party, that they can not see the faults of their own party and the good of the other.

How sad that many have given more time to politics than to the things of Christ. Some business places have even become obsessed with a party that their radios are on their favourite party talk show programme even to the dislike of some of their customers.

Sometimes we wonder if we are all Vincentians and if we truly love our country, since for some all we see are the negatives and are bent because of party obsession on negative comments about our own country.

While there are also those who support the ruling party and would see no wrong in the government. They are politically biased.

Since we are all Vincentians, we must be patriotic and mature enough to praise the good and criticise the bad.

Let us not become so party biased that we loose our respect, friends, business customers and our christian brothers and sisters.

After all we have to live with each other and we need each other. Let us not let politics divide us.