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Good Governance or poor representation?


EDITOR: I have lived in the Edinboro District of the West Kingstown Constituency for 38 years. I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of the roads, but over the last years I have seen the worst ever.{{more}}

I have had 17 years of Hudson Tannis’ representation, 17 years of John Horne’s. Both Tannis and Horne promised plenty but delivered little; but at least they both frequented the district and heard the cries of the Constituents. They hardly missed a funeral or a wedding or any occasion on which empathise, sympathise or celebrate. Reneé Baptiste on the other hand treats her constituency as something that was foisted on her. Something she never wished to see. During her four plus years of misrepresentation, I have seen her once in Edinboro. Some say they have seen her twice; some never saw here at all.

I have access to my home by way of a by-road off the main Edinboro – Fort Charlotte Road. That by-road serves eight properties, for more than a year now, I personally have been making complaints to all concerned about the deteriorating condition of this road but to no avail. I have paid to repair potholes. I have taken my complaint as far as the Minister of Roads, but yet the condition continues to worsen. Taxi operators refuse to use the road. Visitors to my home park their vehicles on the main road and walk the distance to my home, sometimes twisting their ankles in the dark. My wife and I, and my neighbours drive it at our own peril.

The question is, why should one who has to comply with the various regulatory taxes of property, vehicular and driver’s licence and insurance suffer such indignity?

A witness in our court of law can be charged with perjury and be jailed for telling lies, having sworn by the Bible to speak the truth. Parliamentary representatives in a similar way swear by the Bible to uphold the dignity of the office and the responsibility that goes with it. Each does so both as an MP and as Cabinet Minister.

It is my candid opinion that parliamentarians who unashamedly break that solemn oath be made to pay a penalty.

The representation offered by the West Kingstown Constituency Representative is a disgrace to say the least.

Matthew Thomas