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Let us be part of the education revolution


Editor: I am a preschool teacher of many years. My problem is that we pre-school teachers in this country are treated like criminals. Some of us work for low salaries monthly. Sometimes months pass and we are not paid yet we go to work daily and make out contribution like everyone else.{{more}}

Some of the conditions we work under are so poor management does not care; all they know is that fees are being collected.

At times we do not have materials to work with. The children have to jam up on each other because of limited amount of beds available.

At the moment we are preparing to go home because if we go over an extra week the children would not be coming to school or parents would not want to pay.

Our cry will be louder because we would not be paid during the months we are on vacation for July and August. Don’t you think we should be paid for vacation just like government workers? We have our bills to pay too.

As contributors to the education revolution where is the St. Vincent Union of Teachers? We need to hear your voice on this issue.

I am looking forward to the time when God would give me the health to witness and be part of the


Concerned Teacher