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Lynch should be ashamed of himself


EDITOR: On Thursday, May 19, 2005, nearly 48 hours before the untimely and tragic death of the beloved Sister Pat Douglas, the saintly nun who headed the St. Joseph’s Convent (Marriaqua), the talk show host of the opposition NDP “New Times” programme on NICE Radio, Mr. Elwardo Lynch mercilessly and wrongly attacked Sister Pat.

Mr. Lynch wrongly on behalf of the NDP stated that Sister Pat organised the Prime Minister’s spiritual retreat to the monastery at Mount Saint Benedict in Trinidad. Evidently, the NDP disapproved of Sister Pat’s alleged role in this. So, they let loose a verbal broadside against her. Among other things, he said that Sister Pat was hypocritical for defending the Prime Minister when Bassy Alexander’s wife (a Teacher at the School) alleged that teachers at the School were not paid for months by the Government. Mr. Lynch then proceeded to offer the reason why Sister Pat so spoke. {{more}}

According to Mr. Lynch, the Prime Minister had paid lots of money for Sister Pat’s medical treatment overseas. Then Mr. Lynch descended to his damning low blow. He said plainly that “Sister Pat was singing for her supper”. And he repeated this low-down remark as if to give it added effect.

Is there no political decency left in the NDP and its spokespersons and propagandists? Is that their low view of a saintly woman, who gave 25 years of her life to educating young persons, especially girls and young women, in a country which was not the land of her birth?

Mr. Lynch’s offensive remarks have not been disowned by the NDP and the management of NICE Radio. Right thinking Vincentians of all walks of life have taken note of Mr. Lynch’s disgusting comments and his shameless failure and/or refusal to disown them.

It is not in my place to tell Mr. Lynch, the NDP or NICE Radio what to do about the awful remarks about Sister Pat, but something should be done by them.

Sincerely yours,

Glen Jackson

Press Secretary to Prime Minister