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Rally ’Round De West Indies? Time for a reality check!


‘Dat is cricket; Rally ‘Round De West Indies; ‘we got to support dem boys no matter wat!’

Isn’t it time for a reality check? Wen we gwine stop bury we head in de san? You hire someone to do a job which they come well qualified for, and they consistently fail to give you your money’s worth. Don’t you fire them? {{more}}

The WICB is guilty of excessive leniency with respect to the West Indies cricket team. They continue to reward players who consistently under-perform.

Five specialist batsmen, each capable of scoring a double-century, are hired to put runs on the board‚ for the team. Yet too very often we find ourselves four or five wickets down for under 200 runs. Now do you think we could be any worst off using second rate batsmen?

Let the “stars” who do not produce, sit on the sideline for a match or two and contemplate how they are going to earn their pay the next time they get a chance to bat! We do not have the most fearsome bowling attack and we do not need batsmen who make the bowlers’ job more difficult.

It is time the WICB start being brutally professional with these under-achieving “star” batsmen. Deal with the mediocrity or the Board must tuck their tails between their hind-legs and take a hike! Need I mention Courtney Browne?

Someone needs to pound into the heads of these players, the fact that it is not just they who are affected when they go out into the middle and don’t give one hundred per cent and suffer another humiliating defeat. Have they no pride? If they have not the ability to feel SHAME, then I, and at least another million other West Indians do!

We cannot forever condone these sub-par performances by the team, under the distinguished directorship of the Board.

Rayson Duncan