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Physical education is a serious thing


Editor: I was thoroughly disgusted a few weeks ago while walking past the Grammar School playing field. What caused this disgust was the despicable manner in which a teacher from one of the nearby schools was attempting to carry on a physical education class. I am not certain if the individual was the games teacher; however, the state of affairs was egregarious.{{more}}
There were about 30 students and one soccer ball and apparently they were trying to carry on a game of soccer. As all the students crowded this one ball, barely able to move one pace, the ball was kicked fiercely in the small space afforded in the centre. To add to this foolishness, the teacher stood with a smirk, visibly pleased with what he had created.
We must take a more serious and technical approach to our physical education curriculum. For far too long sport has been relegated to a just-for-fun activity. How are we supposed to rise above the rest of the region and the world if we continue to ignore such a critical part of our development? I have heard the same sentiments echoed again and again and still this sort of approach exists. We often chastise the younger generation for ill-discipline and for not taking a serious enough approach to sports, when it is those from above who fortify and perpetuate this sort of approach.
Physical education must be given ample support, and by this I mean resources in terms of equipment and human resources, i.e. coaches and physical education teachers. Also there needs to be a physical education department in all schools, both primary and secondary. The basics should be taught for sports like soccer and cricket. We must move away from targeting players solely on talent, in so much as there are few exceptionally gifted persons, and most sports personalities have become great through strenuous training and the application of the basics. We can no longer continue to see sports as a just-for-fun frivolous activity.

Concerned citizen

Concerned citizen