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SVGFF’s elections more than just the presidency

SVGFF’s elections more than just the presidency


When affiliates of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF) cast their ballots tomorrow at the Methodist Church Hall in Kingstown, they will be dutifully electing four persons to combine their administrative skills to serve the sport for the next four years.

The four-year exercise has, since 2007, taken on national significance with the wider general public’s increasing interest in who are placed as guardians of the sport nationally.

Indeed that augurs well for football, as the spotlight is not only shed on the personnel , but what the candidates present as viable options, in terms of the pathways to the sport’s progress.

Most attention though will be focussed on the top post, that of president, and to some extent, rightly so. 

Making themselves available to the affiliates as servants of the sport are Carl Dickson, Patrick Horne and Marvin Fraser, the incumbent.

The three men provide the affiliates with a choice, as according to their proposals, all have something in common, their passion to see the sport advance.

They may all have plotted a different route, but their intention is to get to the same destination. 

The trio though have exhibited the bravery and self confidence to offer themselves as candidates to preside over the administration of a sport that provide some personal glosses, but let it be known, that it is not an easy undertaking.

As it is, the president offers the face of the administration, hence, whatever he reflects in his appearance, public pronouncements and execution of duties, are seen as the bench mark for assessing the entire organisation.

The administration of football overtime, with all the demands, has become a full time undertaking, thus resulting in the need to have professional scaffolding all round. 

The sport of football has the potential to be a game changer for many Vincentian youths, who are looking for that social outlet to express their football talent.

So as affiliates use their conscience at tomorrow’s elections, which are part of the SVGFF’s Annual General Meeting, the need to exercise sound reasoning is of great importance.

As stated before, much emphasis will be placed on the presidency.

Are affiliates willing to change the course and go for Carl Dickson or Patrick Horne?

Or are they satisfied that with the 14-month tenure of Marvin Fraser and are contented that he needs a full four-year mandate?

But the elections are more than Dickson, Horne and Fraser, as needed are persons with the necessary skills set to complement the image set by the elected president.

Therefore, the three vice-president posts are critical selections, as they too should offer that type of intermediary leadership needed for the development of the sport.

As it is, Debson Cruicksank and Maxim James will be trying to unseat Otashie Spring in the first vice-president’s position.

But it will be a straight fight between Wayde Jackson and Wayne Grant for the second vice-president’s position, with Trevor Huggins, Sedley Jeffers, Elroy Boucher, Yosiah Dascent and Dwight Roberts contesting the third vice-president’s post.

The list of those seeking the vice-presidents posts, shows that six have served before.

So would affiliates go back with the old guards and let the status quo remain?

Are we going to see a shake-up and usher in new faces?

But as affiliates make their decisions and preferences known via their secret ballots, whatever the outcome, St Vincent and the Grenadines’ football is at a point where only the best of the lot is needed to make good of the many opportunities which are in the offing.