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Timing the tackle

Timing the tackle


The executive of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation has been busy for the past six months addressing many of its administrative kinks, as well as setting up other framework.

Generally, much of the areas which were tackled have had their desired objectives met, and the sport is being crafted in a direction which can only result in some upward movement.

In part too, the sport has had its image given a facelift, hence the mud which has disfigured football in the past, has been removed.

At present, there is an apparent renewed vigour, an energised feeling that the sport is once again poised for take off.

This feeling must therefore be accompanied by the prerequisites, to see Vincentian football a top shelf demand.

It is timely then that our football creates that pathway for us to move from simply being a participant to a contender.

The executive of the SVGFF has to soonest put the structures in place to bottle up the renaissance.

Among the immediate objectives is the streamling and structurally harnessing the young talent that is surfacing.

Whilst this country has never been short on football talent, the recently held National Under-13 competition brought to light and was a good indicator of what the future holds.

Undoubtedly there is a good crop of players from that age group, who are ready for the next level.

Therefore, the technical personnel of the SVGFF should, without much hesitation, get together an elite bunch of Under-13 footballers (both males and females), and get them into a programme to aid their enhancement in the sport.

It is critical to capture them at this juncture as it was evident that most of those who caught the eye, are coachable, and have some of the basic attributes to take them further.
The elite bunch though, must have the best suited coaches to guide them along.

Similarly, the showing by the national Under-17 outfit at the CONCACAF qualifying round in the USA two months ago, is another sign of hope.

But again they too have to be carefully and skillfully handled as the recurring decimal can be in train.

Of note too, is the current structure of the sport in total. 

The issue of the sport’s national structure, inclusive of the number of teams, leagues and competitions, are having an overall impact on the direction which football ought to head.

Conversely, the clubs’ capacities must be strengthened in order to brace themselves to make that step up regionally.

Inclusive of this capacity building is the retooling and advancement in coaches’ education.

One does not expect every facet to be tackled simultaneously, but a move has to be made with a level of expediency and urgency.

St Vincent and the Grenadines’ football over the years, has found itself in a similar situation, but have had the hopes of a better future vanished because of a lack of foresight and forward thinking.

In making the corrective and structural changes necessary, decisions with the best interest of football are paramount.

So with the many things that are being done, it is timely that the other pressing matters be tackled.