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Cricket’s show of confidence


Whether it is a case of confirmation or affirmation, the decision carried by affiliates of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Cricket Association (SVGCA Inc. ), at last Saturday’s Annual General Meeting, to have the entire executive committee returned en block, makes interesting reasoning.

Interesting, because of course, there are those who would have preferred the use of the ballots, and the entire electoral process take place.

But that is the case with democracy, as the affiliates of the SVGCA Inc. have spoken in the best way they chose, hence, it is what it is.

Critically, the SVGCA Inc.’s executive, unlike other national sporting associations, which in recent times have been re-installed by the default route, has done so on performance merit.

Let the truth be told, given the tenure of Dr Kishore Shallow and company for the past two years, cricket’s report card over that period, has been dotted with several A’s and A+.

This has been achieved thanks to the professional approach embarked by the executive, who are in the main, been successful in other spheres of their lives.

Therefore, it may be only haters or those who have other agendas, would discourse to the contrary, that since installed in May of 2014, the Shallow-led executive, must be lauded as one of the better managed national sporting bodies, during that period.

Among the achievements notched up for the last four years, is the increased prize monies paid out to teams/ clubs in the national cricket competitions; the successes of the various national teams and the general image of the sport.

Too, through the administrative acumen displayed, St Vincent and the Grenadines has hosted regional tournaments, namely the Under-19 and the women’s competitions.

Through these hosting, the local association has been able to realise surpluses from each edition, hence has placed the SVGCA Inc. in a good financial standings.

It is good though to see the books in the black, but equally important, cricket must be exponentially developed.

Cricket and the development of players must take centre stage for the next two years of the current executive of the SVGCA Inc.

We are seeing that, granted the very poor state of West Indies cricket, it is easier for some above average cricketers in the region to be selected to the Caribbean side.

It then goes without saying that every effort should be made to hone the skills of our cricketers, with the sole aim of bettering their lives through the sport.

There is no gainsaying on the economic opportunities and spin-offs that cricket is offering to young Caribbean players.

And, with the many challenges that our region is facing, cricket is just one of the release valves for economic development.

However, this cannot be achieved with just mere talk, but with programmes geared towards the overall personal development of our cricketers.

The executive, though its strategic plans, has to continue on the pathway of being player-centered.

So whilst the affiliates and others may be contented with the stewardship of those whom they have charged with the management and administration of cricket in St Vincent and the Grenadines, they too must carry out their duties outside the convening of an AGM.

Affiliates must constantly provide scrutiny of the output of those who have been re-elected with some unanimity.

Affiliates cannot let up on the stewardship of Shallow and company, by providing constant critique of the operations of the SVGCA Inc., thus narrowing the space for complacency and administrative comfort.

Conversely, Shallow and his executive have to make their good better, and their better best, as they should never skimp on striving for perfection.

On review, cricket here in St Vincent and the Grenadines during 2018, has made some forward steps, and those responsible must be lauded, remembering though, there is always room for improvements.
In concluding, as we embark on this the festive Christmas season, On Target would like wish all those read this column, a blessed season.