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Searching for iconic sporting figure


Can anyone name at least one local sportsman or woman who is a stand out? With no answer, then silence gives consent, therefore, that there is none.{{more}}

How things have changed over time that St Vincent and the Grenadines does not have a sporting icon – that cut above the rest person, whom we can thump our chests and speak glowingly about.

A few moons ago, St Vincent and the Grenadines had several persons who were talked about; young sportsmen and women when engaged in sports, would name themselves like their local heroes or heroines.

Unfortunately, it is almost a case of pathetic silence, that no Vincentian sporting personnel, here or abroad, resonate in the minds of their fellowmen.

Of significance too, the few persons who are excelling in the respective disciplines are little known, except by die-hard followers of sports.

This explains where we are with sports in this beloved island.

But most worrying, the situation is left to unravel itself, and with wishful thinking, one day we will wake up and such person or persons will come into being with some stroke of imagination and dreaming.

So, while the drought persists and prevails unabated, Vincentians with some unlimited contentment prefer to be adorers of personalities who visit our homes via the television and other electronic devices.

It is sometimes a resentful feeling to see the passion displayed by many Vincentians who idolize the current world football stars, namely Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, among others, and the manner in which clubs such as Chelsea, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Barcelona are revered with unbridled dogmatism.

But what can we do, as indeed this happening is one of the stark realities of the state of play with sports.

Set aside the power of mass communication which brings the action nearer to us, and makes it as if it is at our doorsteps; the issue is more far reaching and demanding than what appears on the surface.

So, should we be contented that is the way it is and things cannot change in the foreseeable near future?

There will be persons who will state frankly that such an icon cannot be found in the next two decades.

If everyone is to follow the latter and give up trying then the next best thing is to pack in and just make sports fun and entertainment.

Like everywhere else in the world there are talented Vincentians in sports, but that drive for stardom seems lacking within and without.

Sporting personalities and iconic figures are not only there to achieve and bring fame and fortune to a country, but to promote the country and give that identity lift.

Additionally, such persons inspire others, who will seek to do likewise, aiming at the achievement of greatness.

We see what others are cashing in on when they have a trump card to lay on the table of popularity and maximize to the fullest.

Getting that icon or icons is not had by the stroke of a pen or the statement of wish and desire and it comes into being; but by a collaborative effort to an objective. It cannot be the plan of a few, while others go in the opposite direction.

Tapping into and tabbing our potential top performers, grooming them properly, and letting their God-given talents do the rest are part of the grids to the whole.