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Ah smelling ah rat


There is s strong scent coming out of the Executive of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation that things are not the way they should be.{{more}}

Elected last September 24, the Venold Coombs led Executive had little time to settle in, as the 2014 World Cup campaign was in full flow, and overseeing this country’s continued participation was their immediate mandate and focus.

However, St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ sojourn has ended and the work of putting the systems in place to develop Football and carry it to the next level should have become the next goals of the custodians of the sport at the national level.

But overall, on true analysis and reflection of the Executive’s tenure thus far, there seems to be too much wanting.

At last Saturday’s General Meeting, called to elect the five remaining Committee Members, the Executive dropped the ball.

Its failure to present a written report of its stewardship for the past three and a half months was simply unacceptable for a national body.

Also, the absence of substantive evidence of what has been spent so far was another deficiency within the operations of the Executive of the SVGFF.

Similarly, the SVGFF did not have the courtesy to publish the records of the World Cup matches that they hosted.

Then, there is also that anomaly of three persons doing the work of General Secretary, even though it is Trevor Huggins who wears the official title.

The job of General Secretary requires foresight, a wide knowledge of administrative procedures, and demands working overtime.

Is this an indication that there is a lack of administrative capacity?

But as time wears on, Coombs and his team pushed aside the critical and surely a missing link, that of a vibrant public relations component.

This conduit of liaison between the Secretariat of the SVGFF and the affiliates is almost non -existent.

Therefore, in the absence of the truth, the rumour mill is in full effect, and is churning rapidly, leaving much speculation about the persons serving on the Executive.

It was the same area of deficiency that plagued the immediate former Executive, under the headship of Joseph Delves.

Is there a change on the horizon?

The inclusion of Clemroy “Bert” Francois as a Committee Member surely is a sign that democracy is at work.

Francois was a member of the then unsuccessful presidential candidate Michael John’s team, which came up against Coombs’ slate in the September elections.

Leading up to those elections, Coombs and Francois were openly critical of each other.

So, have they both buried the hatchet and are looking at the broader picture, and that is the progress of Football?

At last Saturday’s meeting, it was evident that Francois was not on the preferred selection panel of Committee Members, which was allegedly circulated, prior to voting.

Whilst one has a right to canvas support from all quarters, it showed that those in the control tower wanted to maintain the status quo.

However, Francois’s presence on the Executive will add that divergence in thinking, hopefully not combative.

Similarly, Earl Bennett, who was also elected at last Saturday’s meeting, should bring on board his wealth of experience and knowledge, having served on almost every Executive for the past fifteen years.

Coombs can be at times a rambunctious person and combative.

Will Coombs be able to be tolerant of the likes of Francois, Bennett and First Vice President Lloyd Small, who are outspoken and opinionated?

It is the hope of many that things will pan out for the greater good of Football in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

For sure, Coombs with his years of experience in the political battlefield will have to draw on his travails to keep his Executive a working unit.