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CFU getting trapped in FIFA’s snare


What looks like a plan by world Football body FIF, to reduce the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) to a bunch of mendicants is slowing coming together.{{more}}

In an example of 21st century colonialism, the goodly leaders have succumbed to high handed manoeuvers designed to dismantle the once cohesive and all for one approach that had previously characterized the CFU.

Last week, when 26 leaders from the CFU travelled to Zurich to be wined and dined, it seems as though it was a case of the region dropping the ball in the areas of self belief and self determination.

The Judases who took that first class trip to Zurich seem to have sold themselves, and are nothing short of Football prostitutes.

As is proffered by some persons in national elections, “Drink them out, eat them out and vote them out.” However, we seem not to adhere to this and are selling ourselves for thirty pieces of silver.

So, whilst the CFU is unable to stage its own elections right here in the Caribbean, it is able to appoint a committee, configured miles away from home, and attended by a selected few, as only the presidents of the CFU members travelled to Zurich for the “kiss and make up” meeting.

FIFA’s move, which is masked as assistance to create a “Normalisation Committee”, to administrate the affairs of the region, shows how we in these parts are lacking the guts to stand up to those who hold and want to wield authority.

But FIFA has realized that the regional Football bosses are a divided bunch, and has preyed on this vulnerability.

After much charade, it was finally unearthed that CFU General Secretary, Trinidadian Angenie Khanai, was one of the persons to spill the beans of what went on at the extraordinary meeting of the regional body in Trinidad and Tobago in May of this year, when it is alleged that then presidential candidate Mohammed bin Hammam offered US$40,000 to each of the associations or federations which attended.

As a result, FIFA’s probe left many of the attendees slapped with fines, reprimands and warnings, while others were forced to resign.

The entire investigation and the subsequent punitive measures were a case of Satan trying to correct sin.

FIFA got a footing, because of the divide which exists among the CFU members. The most significant is that of Khanai, who according to reports is set to be rewarded with a substantive post with FIFA, and will be seated in the comfort of the Zurich offices.

If it comes to fruition, it could be viewed as payback for her role in betraying her affiliates.

Furthermore, the announcement of the suspended Horace Burrell of Jamaica, as part of the Normalisation Committee, shows up how FIFA has the region in the palms of its hands.

It was the same FIFA which disciplined Burrell and then turns around and approves his role on the committee, while he has been found guilty of wrong doing.

Burrell is also one of the candidates vyeing for the post of CFU President, which was made vacant by the resignation of Austin “Jack” Warner, following the outbreak of the cash for vote scandal.

Or is that Burrell is lined up for a top post, and like Khanai, has become a razor blade, cutting on both sides?

As a Football people, we have become like suckling babes, being tethered by reins of some modern day colonial masters.

The plot is to divide the CFU and get control of the confederation.

What has happened in world Football is an opportnity for the regional leaders to bind themselves as a true union, and show FIFA that they are independent of thought and action.

If the region does not act decisively, CFU will be remotely controlled by the top CONCACAF countries, which are a subset in operations of FIFA.