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Hoping for the best


There is always that glimmer of hope when one sees our young sportsmen and women in their exuberance display their God given talents.

Such was the case last Friday at the staging of the Coca Cola Secondary School’s Football Finals, both the Under-16 and Under-21 Divisions.{{more}}

Whilst there were not many “stars”, as it were, indeed there were some starlights, whose individual talents flickered with some brilliance.

Yes, one may say that this has been more or less what has happened over the past years, but hope is a premium as our Football as near its lowest.

However, what was presented provided enough insights for the custodians of Football in the land to act decisively and harness the skills of those who possess them.

Also, last Friday’s show is indicative and instructive to where the pool of Football talent exists, as Central Leeward Secondary, formerly the Barrouallie Secondary, has been very visible in the finals over the past decade, while the Bethel Secondary from the Campden Park area has seen representation in the finals for the past three years.

And, this may not be by accident, as the work of the Adare set up in the Barrouallie/ Keartons areas, is beginning to bear fruit.

Adare is a coaching programme, which is the brain child of former national player Orande Ash.

Similarly, the efforts and perseverance of another former national player, Keith Ollivierre, with the youths in Campden Park and its environs, are paying some dividend, as most of the Bethel High School players have had some of Ollivierre’s touch.

It is obvious that the Central Leeward belt is the production line of footballers.

Further evidence of the trend is the make up of the current national senior team, as most of the players, reside in the towns of Layou and Barrouallie.

This is an indicator for development, as it should dictate where the resources should be spent and where the resources are readily accessible.

It is this column’s wish that serious engagements of the minds and hearts be concentrated in the better preparation of our teams leading up to the various sporting competitions, but more so , Football, as it the most popular sport among our young men.

But while the on field exhibition was acceptable, the organizers fell in their build up and the execution of the finals.

Little by way of promotion and hype was given to the grand finale.

The innovation of the singing or playing of the respective school songs of the finalists was indeed a welcome one.

One will hastily ask, what has happened to the live television coverage which the Under-21 championship match enjoyed earlier this year?

It may be a case of poetic justice, as the 2010 finals played last January lacked the quality accepted for visual consumption.

Generally, it is unfortunate that our school system has not embraced that priority for sports and morale support, neither do we possess vibrant alumni support, thus events like finals are general flat and mere formalities.

Hope is alive that one day such will change and the atmosphere of rivalry, loyalty and banter will submerge the venues where schools’ sporting events are staged.

In keeping with the wishes, this column is hoping for the best for the holiday season to all who have opted for the free will choice to celebrate the happenings of this time of year.

To the sportsmen and women of the nation, do not allow the festivities and their trappings to override you, and become consumed in the indulgence in the excessive.

To all others, especially the faithful readers of this column, a blessed extended holiday period.