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Dear Mr. Minister


A heartfelt welcome to Honourable Frederick Stephenson , Minister of National Mobilisation, Social Development, Family, Persons with Disabilities, Youth, Sports and Culture.{{more}}

Yes, you have your hands filled with several responsibilities as mentioned above.

Surely, a man would not get more than which he can bear, as you hold portfolios that are critical to human development and social cohesion.

But we who are involved in the business of sports expect you to give of your all, and make sports, your business, as it certainly impacts on many.

Mr. Stephenson, you have started out brilliantly, thus far, making your presence felt at functions you have attended. You seem aware of what is happening in the local, regional and international sphere. Great start!

That sort of enthusiasm must be carried on, once you are in that post.

But you must be reminded that overseeing sports, as you are called upon to do, is not a sprint, but a marathon.

So we not only want to see you at the opening and closing ceremonies of local, regional or international events, but at the little village competitions, ensure that you turn up when you can, not only in your ministerial capacity, but as a spectator, giving our sportsmen and women that morale support.

Mr. Minister, you, too, must take the lead, whenever time permits, to participate in your Ministry’s events, such as the monthly walk put on by the Department of Physical Education and Sports, within your ministries.

Certainly, we are hopeful, in this the initial stage of your new job, that you listen to the right people, learn the craft of administration, but most of all, be sincere and love sports.

Of course, you are a critical thinker, and whilst dispensing your duties, be cognizant of the government’s policies, whilst being mindful of impartiality.

During the lead up to the last December’s General Elections, you were always ushered to the podium with the strains of the Reggae song “Humble African”.

So, you have to stand by your words, and show humility to all concerned, as you endeavour to practise what you preach.

You, Mr. Minister, the ball is in your court. Do not pass up the opportunity to become the best Minister of Sports this nation of ours has ever seen.

Yes, it is my belief that you can, once you are given the right tools to work with, and have that political will to see sports in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, move from a past time, to a national developmental vehicle.

Here, you have the chance to make sports a centrality of action and philosophy.

It would be great of you if you own the campaign towards the realization of the proposed National Stadium. It would be also a feather in your cap, if you keep the fire burning on the of the Indoor multi sports facility, set to be placed at the Old Anglican School Annex.

Remember, Mr. Stephenson, you cannot turn back on your government’s promises to deliver them in this term of office.

What an achievement it would be for you, if the two projects can be delivered under your watch!

Also, push the envelope to have our showpiece ground get further enhancement, i,e a Replay Scoreboard, as well as one which can have the Duckworth/Lewis System, electronically displayed, to put us again in the running to host international One Day matches, and T/20 fixtures.

Let us get more of our fields lit, so that more sporting events can be staged at nights.

Also in the interim, let us see the playing fields filled again, the hard courts bursting at their seams with persons who want to get with it in sports and other forms of Physical Education.

Mr. Minister, it is all up to you, take it or leave it.

P. S . We are not doing well at most sporting disciplines, neither when we venture out of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, or when others come here.

Finally, Mr. Minister, help see that the Mound is completely removed from the Sion Hill Playing Field.