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Total disrespect!


It is with reluctance that this column choses to expend its energy on West Indies Cricket.

I had taken the decision to be mum on it, as the only thing left to be said about West Indies Cricket is a BLANK page, but I doubt my editor would allow that.{{more}}

The events of the past weeks, however, have prompted me to break that silence.

It must be a slap in the face for all Cricket lovers in the region to hear the assessment of Ernest Hillaire, the CEO of the region’s cricket board.

It was reported in the regional press that Hillaire said fans will have to endure more embarrassment in the years to come, not merely due to the lack of quality cricketers coming through but also because of the overall attitude of players towards the game, with money and fame favoured over excellence.

The decline of West Indies cricket, Hillaire added, was also a reflection of what, according to him, was the virtual irrelevance of the notion of being West Indian to the younger players.

Hillaire said that when he listens to the players speak, all they speak of is money. That’s all that matters to them – instant gratification.

Now that they know what the players are interested in, what is the board doing about it? Does the piper no longer call the tune?

But someone has to be made a scapegoat, and accusations and finger pointing seem to be the solution. It can only be an orchestrated search for consolation by Hillaire to cover up the “baby house” type operations of the WICB.

Had the board taken some more decisive actions over the bunch of under achievers, there would have been a quicker turn about in attitudes, as the players would have realized that the WICB is serious, assertive and has the fortitude and moral authority to discipline.

As it is, the WICB is paying for its sins.

On the other hand, the players are gallivanting in ineptitude and deflecting blame on the regional board.

So what is unfolding before our eyes in the present series against South Africa and what has been going on for the past decade and more is the bursting of administrative sores.

The sooner we come to accept that the West Indies is at the bottom of the barrel in world Cricket, the better. In fact, one now has to turn over the barrel to locate them.

But that does not give the board and the players the right to treat us in the region as servants, when the reverse is the truth.

It may be time that our peoples of the region send a strong statement to Chris Gayle and company, and the entire managing board of the WICB, that they are fed up with their DISRESPECT.

Suffice it to say, in Dominica and here most recently, persons are still willing to support the players, amidst their poor performances. There, however, comes a time when hope fades and a reality check must be made.

Mere talk will not do and decisive action has to be taken to get the word out that the people are not only disgusted with the performance of both entities, but are willing to distance themselves from them.

Therefore, staying away from the matches in the current series is a beginning as they continue on future tours.

Of course, that will not hurt the players’ pockets as the contracts have already been agreed to, but a clear message must be sent to all. Similarly, the sponsors will also recognize that they may be fishing in a dry pond.

Maybe only then will the chickens come home to roost.

Like the board, the current team lacks fight and will- power to get by. They are also still archaic in their thinking.

I am still calling for the complete removal of the Mound at the Sion Hill Playing Field.

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