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News on Sports


On Target this week presents an edition of its News On Sports.

First off, Bodybuilding. No end is in sight in the row as to who legally is entitled to be called the Executive of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Amateur Body Building Power lifting and Fitness Federation (SVGABBFF). Fighting in the blue corner are Steve Victory and John Mc Lean, and in the red corner is Korean Williams.{{more}}

Round one saw Victory and Mc Lean claiming ownership of the SVGABBFF. However, later in the round a sharp upper cut was sent by the Williams corner, momentarily stunning their opponents.

Victory and Mc Lean staged a comeback in round two, holding their intended championships, August 29.

Williams, though, counteracted with a series of blows to the body of Victory and Mc Lean. The three ringside judges gave that round, round three, to the incumbent Williams.

Round four is currently in progress, with Victory and Mc Lean, after the duo took the standing eight count in the previous round, unleashing a barrage of counter punches and jabs , in what they call “the real issue”.

The judges are still busily scoring the crucial round. On Target will keep you posted as to the outcome of this round in a subsequent sports cast.

In related news, body building enthusiasts are not too happy with the public verbal brawl and are calling for the fight to be stopped by mutual consent.

On to Basketball, lovers of the sport are wondering what is happening with the Executive of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Basketball Federation.

They are wondering if the much advertised revived Women’s Basketball Championships is just another bluff by the beleaguered group of individuals who are just keeping their administrative heads above water.

After the media blast of the early September start, the members of the Organising Committee have been on permanent mute in stating why was the championship postponed, and when will it finally come off?

Advice says that Executive of the national body should get a lesson from the Bequia Basketball Association as to how to administrate a Basketball Tournament.

In Football, Coaches are hurriedly putting thing together for their teams’ participation in this year’s Secondary Schools Football Competition.

In a case of same thing, different year, the Competition is set to begin next month, but pundits are not expecting much by way of quality play from the youngsters, as many are getting crash courses in the sport.

On Target knows from personal experience that there is a gulf in the knowledge of the rudiments of the sport by many of the hopefuls.

The On Target Sports Desk has been long advising that some of the pre tournament training should be done in the August vacation, or as they like to put it, “the Summer holidays”.

In news just coming to hand, reports are that employees of the Department of Physical Education and Sports are working over time to keeping possession of their belongings as they are batting against bowlers with some buttery fingers.

Additionally, On Target has learnt that the Division’s programmes are being hampered as “come find me if you can” has taken over.

This comes at a time when the department, which only months ago was engaged in a battle with officials of the Ministry of Education over turf, now has to contend with its own internal concern, which is derailing the morale among employees.

It is understood that the officers there have taken to the new game called “ Finger Pointing”.

Stay tuned to On Target when the next edition of News on Sports will come your way, but not without the continued call for the removal of the “Mound at the Sion Hill Playing Field.