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Windwards Cricket Soap Opera


Bring out the pop corn, grab your favourite beverage, take a seat, turn on the google box, as it is show time folks, as another episode in the comedy series of Windwards Cricket is on.{{more}}

The latest is not rated, as it can be viewed by everyone.

Starring are the Windwards selectors, whose plot is to keep faith with the failing Liam Sebastian.

While the team is accustomed to failure and there are hardly any stand out performers, Sebastian’s case is one needed for special attention.

Picked as a batsman who can assist the bowling department with his off spin, Sebastian’s returns in this year’ s competition more resembles an international telephone number: 21, 0, 0, 2, 0, and 6, from his six innings, at a healthy average of 5. 83 runs, for one who bats at number four.

But the selectors were quick to dump Gavin Roberts who, after two matches, had scored: 1, 12 and 3, an average of 5.33 runs.

So, it is six of one, half a dozen of the other. What then is saving the promising Sebastian from feeling the axe?

Is it his off spin, where he has been able to pick up a few wickets, or is it some sort of horse trading?

He scored a century last year, so they are waiting for the elusive pie in the sky, when the moon turns blue again.

Oh, his father is also the manager of the team and has been so for many years. I forgot that. But that cannot be so as there is no nepotism in Windwards Cricket.

What is currently unfolding is just like child’s play, with Baby House being the most popular feature.

Windwards Cricket is fast becoming synonymous to a Pediatric Ward, as it seems that no one has reached that stage of maturation to make decisions, which are in the best interest of an already indigent set up.

Instead, those put in administrative positions just suck on their pacifiers, rock themselves to sleep, then wake up forgetting that we are living in the 21st century. The administrators are still teething , not yet weaned so they cannot bite the bullet nor bell the cat.

The Windwards teams are not only the Cinderella’s of West Indies Cricket, but are making Cinderella’s and Primadonnas of some mediocre club cricketers.

Selectors Julian Charles, Irvine Shillingford, and Stanley Hinds, and the entire Board of Management of Windwards Cricket have made themselves a grouping that can rival any of television’ s best soap opera, and must surely be in line for an Oscar Award for their directors role of a re-enactment of ‘Sanford and Son’. We are yet to get the big one.

How laughable it is that Messrs Charles and company were hard against Andre Fletcher and may be they were right, after he did not play in the Windwards tournament last year in Dominica . Fletcher was put in the reserves, but has made his way into the team.

Have those same fellas lost their guts, as they continue to reward failures?

I distinctly recall at the start of the regional season being aware of the selectors having the right to replace players and not the tour committee.

Has that ruling been thrown through the window as insularity takes a comfortable seat once more.

The problems of Windwards Cricket are right under their noses, yet they cannot see, but are more deep rooted than what is unfolding presently.

The rumblings which took place last week with the resignation, then reconsideration of, Captain Rawl Lewis was long in coming, however, timely.

It must be a shame for us to hear from the horses’ mouth as to what are some of the inherent problems of Windwards Cricket. It was like if some people did not know.

But when linens are being washed, the dirt of course must be exposed.

Windwards Cricket’s configuration is a microcosm of West Indies Cricket and the problems mirror themselves.

A complete overhaul of operations, maybe personnel, too, must come into effect, if there is to be a turn around.

We will only see that in our dreams.

It is my hope, though, against hope that this year must be the last of the main stumbling block of the Windwards Senior Cricket Team. Ten thousand Frenchman cannot be wrong.

Neither can be the residents of the Sion Hill Community whose call is for the removal of the “Mound” at the Sion Hill Playing Field.