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Good riddance?


A sigh of relief must have greeted the Lawn Tennis fraternity, for at last, some semblance of sanity is in sight for the sport, which, until recently, was in the public’s view, the perfect example of administrative competence.{{more}}

The forced departure, overthrow, call it what you may, of those deemed as the major obstacles to progress of the sport should blow some fresh oxygen into the ailing sport severely affected by the improper prescription ordered by those who were put in charge.

A throbbing, near unbearable migraine had to be endured for the past months caused by some innocuous and incompetent leadership, and an obvious division of loyalty.

As it were, the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Tennis Association was cared for by a surrogate parent, whose mammary glands provided its off springs with poor nutrition. The result was that the sport became the scorn of many, as the scabs were evident.

The issue of race and who was the first black head of the Association were brought into the equation. Utter nonsense, some may say, but one never knows. A spiritual warfare being fought was another factor thrown in the mix. But that was the extent of the fall out and the guarded interest which the keepers of the crown carried the impasse.

Then the inevitable partisan political spin also added to the intrigue.

We also had to put up with the unedifying wasted breath of some neophytes of sports administration, who delighted in exchanging words of insults.

It reminded me of my days at primary school, when the few ‘rawahoon’ students found it as joyous occasions to throw castigations at each other, basically for their perception of social acceptance.

The “honkey dorey” approach to the administration of Lawn Tennis has caused many eyebrows to rise in disbelief. The sport has been marked down to a below E Grade.

At the centre of the concern and discontentment is the Association’s finances, moreso, its indebtedness.

Admirably, in the whole unfolding of events, there were those with the intestinal courage to challenge the alleged wrong doings. Conversely, some remained dead silent, sucked the salt, grinned and bore it, while the walls of their consciences eroded.

The gaping wounds that have opened in the entire serial are in need of an operation of surgical precision to correct the ills.

Mind you, the woes of the Association are not new, but were often covered with gauze of achievements of players on the regional scene; a host of local championships and aided by some conniving pronouncements that every aspect of the organization’s operations was in good order.

Through crafted orchestration, many painted a spotless picture of themselves, slithering through with their tongues of venom, causing more strife.

There is a saying, “No better the beef, no better the barrel”.

Those who were there to scaffold Mr. Boyea were equally as inefficient. As you point your finger, some are pointing back at you.

As fate had it, the “boley” burst and the undesirable guts were spilled for all to feast on. Like gall, those who tried to ingest the revelations had to puke. I need not record or highlight the shortcomings revealed, but wish the new personnel well.

The fact of the matter was that everyone knew that Boyea did not have the leadership skills, but voted him into office because he had the time, as he is basically self employed. With that leverage, he at times acted autonomously. That is water under the bridge.

But with the course for rehabilitation and reconciliation cleared, there must be first the healing process. Can those who say they love Tennis put aside their differences and pick up the pieces and move on? Can the followers of Tennis and friends of the sport see beyond the hiccup and continue to put their support, financial and otherwise to building the sport?

Likewise, those who are charged with the continuance of the administration of Tennis must not believe that they are washed in purity and are not without flaws. You, too, in some way have created the collision course that wrecked the confidence and pathway of the flow of administration.

Mr. Anthony Mc Kenzie, your task as new President, and a massive one it is, too, is to correct the damage created by the fall out. Avoiding the pitfalls, through greater accountability and transparency, are the tools to be fit in your period of stewardship.

Cleaning off the dirt accumulated by the impasse must be assiduously and meticulously pursued, without more filth being splattered.

The administration of sports here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines is not filled with glamour, as some believe. But a task that requires commitment, sincerity, SACRIFICE, sweat, poise, among other attributes, which many are not prepared for.

Having your name called in the media is what some regard as big thing, but when the hard knocks and steady blows are to be received, many cower to their corner of refuge and play the dodging game.

To the Lawn Tennis family, and by extension the national sports community, let us not have to relive the events of the past months. TEAMWORK IS KEY.

The lack of teamwork may have the led to the departure of Technical Director of the SVGFF Stewart John Hall, whose salary was belated revealed by President Joseph Delves as US$ 6,600 per month.

Yet to be revealed, though, is the presence of the ‘Mound’ at the Sion Hill Playing Field.