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Frien-emies of sports


I watched recently with a sense of gratification the Milo Juvenile Athletics Championships at the Victoria Park. The zeal of the young athletes, their participation, despite the far from adequate conditions, but just as satisfying and encouraging, was the unwavering support of some parents and guardians.{{more}}

But it was also disheartening that those who hold the say in the shaping of policies do not see the value of such activities, and do not put priority on having our young people involved on a regular basis in competitions of this nature.

They seem not to have an inkling of the importance of athletics events in assisting our youngsters to develop physically, mentally and socially.

The frien-emies’ role is to oversee the sporting facilities, control them, then frustrate the processes with their red-tape and iron fist control.

They speak on one side of their mouths of Sports, with all its attributes, but fail to give the necessary support when it matters most.

There are also those who only see sporting activities as important, when there are political points to be scored. When they will be featured on television or be visible at functions that are of a national scale.

You cannot really love sports, then use spite and vindictiveness to wield authority.

Chest thumping, the I did this, I did that become their daily routine, while nothing is actually taking place, except a paper trail, and blarney on occasions when the vulnerable sporting public is their audience.

But some of the biggest frien-emies of sports navigate between the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Sports. One would have thought that with the much touted Olive Branch having been extended between the two Ministries that things would have been back to normal.

Yes, the process of healing still seems to be in progress. Or is it only in words not in reality? While the perceived process is taking place, the Tug- O War is still pulling, with neither team winning, but the students who love sport standing on the side lines, the poor losers.

I will always maintain that the whole configuration of the nation’s sports set up is in need of reorganizing. There are too many persons with much say, who can’t say. There continues to be a duplication of roles, and what results is “ruction”. Everybody, with the word sports attached to their function, assumes the role of boss.

I will also maintain that the nomenclature of Director of Physical Education and Sports is one of toothless significance, since there is not much clout that is attached to the post.

All we have is a set of fancy portfolios, with little or absolutely nothing with regard to sports in the nation’s schools taking place, with any degree of relevance.

How can we expect to improve sports in our schools when the sports officers are not involved in training the young students in their respective disciplines outside the normal school hours?

We copy so many things from other countries, why not copy what other Sports Officers do, with respect to working on weekends and after school hours?

On second thought, I want to be a Sports Officer in the current set up. I will be one of the happiest public servants in this blessed land.

I am wondering, when the Ministry of Education implements the new Physical Education Curriculum, who really are the personnel expected to implement it?

Will the Ministry of Education retool many of the Principals, many of whom are frien-emies of Sports and Physical Education? Some only want to glorify the successes of their institutions, but deny students the right to train.

Does the Ministry of Education know that for some principals, PE should be taken off the time table?

It is sad that the entire country has joined the Rocking Chair phenomenon on which sports is comfortably sitting. But most depressingly, the rocking chair has stopped making movements and has come to a complete halt.

But what will not come to a halt in the immediate future is the call for the Executive of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation to give the salary of its Technical Director Stewart John Hall.

Neither will there be any halting in the opposition of the erection of the Mound on the eastern end of the Sion Hill Playing Field.

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