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Pan “Dem”


The humiliating spectacle of a sportsman being “panned” for faux pas on the field of play is a thing of the past.

In those days, every conceivable cup, pan or tin, was used to make music behind that unfortunate person who transgressed. Embarrassing as it was, it had a useful purpose, as no one wanted a repeat performance, hence came up trumps the next time he hit the field.{{more}}

I am in favour of its re-introduction, but not in its former state, but targetting those who are the headliners of national associations and the authorities of sports here.

Certainly, many are deserving of a good panning.

A good panning is specially reserved for the hierarchy of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Cricket Association for its neglect of its national competition, the highlight of its annual cricket programme. The national competition for yet another year, seems not to hold any place in the hearts of these men who sit over time and chart the course of the sport. I can safely say misdirect.

Except for the weekly reports in the media, there is little emphasis placed on the competition. So we should not ask why players trek off to play in softball competitions, forgoing the national competition.

Mr. Jack and your Executive, tin cups will be not enough. Beating some old pieces of rusty galvanise up and down the streets behind your executive will do the job.

Also up for a panning is the Executive of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation. I often wonder why do we have to go on a particular website to get pertinent information of football happenings here.

Information is released on this website before the Federation’s Executive can make a statement. Is it that there is a laissez-faire operation in train in the Executive?

Or are there some lazy persons in the Executive who allow a non-executive member to do their work for them. Are they helpless?

The Executive of the SVGFF also should not escape a panning for its appointment of an executive member as manager of the National Under-20 team currently taking part in the Caribbean Zone of the 2009 CONCACAF Championships. It was thought that payment was a thing of the past in administration here. But this pales in comparison with the manner in which the team left here last Monday.

Like a bunch of guys going on a lime was a more apt description of the youngsters’ attire. There were all semblances of white tops and some distant cousins to white. Some were in long pants, some in long trousers, some in tee-shirts, others in shirts, while others were sporting jerseys. To put it mildly, they looked like what the old people called “Bag ah Shaggers”.

Are we training our young people in etiquette and deportment as ambassadors? Does the Executive only care about the players output on the field? Or is it that the Executive members can not do better?

These sorts of slip ups are unacceptable. Are they slipups after all?

Too, the good guys who are in charge of Table Tennis can do well with some panning, as that may just wake you out of your marathon sleep. You were so vocal in the past of the past head, Sean Stanley, now you are in the driver’s seat, its like you guys have put the Table Tennis vehicle in “R”; not Rent, but Reverse.

Who next? Basketball. Not spared, the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Basketball Federation, is still running on rim. The Executive is at bare threads since the resignations of some members in 2006. A panning is in store for Mr. Wayne Williams, who as head of the organization, failed to get persons to fill some of the vacant posts. Or does it matter? Or is it that no one wants to get close to the sport?

Hear this: A prolonged situation exists in the administration Women’s Cricket here. When last did this Association stage an election for new officers? Is it a dynasty that has been developed? Is this a group of untouchables?

It has been business as usual for a number of years, with no effort to show that democracy is alive. Panning is store for those who lead the Women’s Cricket Association. In fact, is there a leader?

But as this happens, the new Minister of Sports has sung lustily Silent Night, since taking this portfolio about two months ago. It has been same, same, nothing new, no visibility. He, too, is in for a session, where the audible sounds of the pans, should just jolt him into some sort of activity.

Not to escape the strains and tinkling sounds are those administrators who think that they should not be criticised. To those thin skinned persons who when they come under the microscope, often chose the route of malice. You, too, will get “pan” for your immaturity.

But the list above is not exhaustive, so don’t take comfort that neither you nor your association is mentioned. For instance, the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Tennis Association will have to have a Panorama for their ills. Space is at a premium.

Not forgotten are the decision makers who came up with the wise idea of erecting the Mound at the Sion Hill Playing Field. The amount of panning they have been getting has not made them budge, so another weekly dose will not hurt.

So, too, is the executive of the St.Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation, who continue to stay silent on the issue of the remuneration of Technical Director Stewart John Hall. Pan for you, too, Delves and company.

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