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For better or for worse


It is universally accepted, undeniable and principled that change is constant.

However, when this inevitability occurs, there is always a debate, for or against, and it will never end.{{more}}

Over the past week, it was revealed that this country will get a new Minister of Sports, in the person of Honourable Mike Browne, in fact his second stint in this portfolio. Is this genuine change or a re-arrangement?

Whether or not he is the right choice, in light of the fact that he has indicated that he may be quitting in a few years’ time, is another matter.

If then this is so, at least give us a last hurrah. Make your presence felt.

What does the new Minister bring to the dinner table? Are you going to show more interest in the national sporting issues that are crippling the development of the respective disciplines?

We are hoping that he will be more forceful, and at least show some concern for this important aspect of nation building.

We don’t want to be hearing your favourite line of “Putting Sports on the centrality of development”; we want you to act upon it.

Mr. Minister, we hope that your visibility will not be confined to the major sporting events, but at times take a peep and pop in at the community events to feel the pulse of the people. It means much.

Also, you have to use your position to ensure that the playing fields are freed up, so all and sundry can use for their various activities. Remember, the “Wellness Revolution” is on with vigour, and facilities are important in this thrust. So please do something.

But are we better or worse with our football planning? It is just about 71 days to go before this country engages Canada in the world cup qualifiers here, but I am far from impressed with the whole build up.

It seems that we have given up the ghost as the sojourn lacks luster. Is it that the executive lacks faith in the current crop of players?

I witnessed about nine players at training on Saturday morning at the Sion Hill Playing Field, and that speaks of the down turn in interest. Further investigations reveal that this has been the trend for the past two weeks. Delves and company, take a handle of this situation.

What is up with these players? Are they dissatisfied with something or someone? A birdie whispered to me that there is meddling in the system where players are included in the training squad. But, while there is a problem with players attending practice, the same players are active in the Biabou Football League and the Layou Village League.

This kind of ‘crab foot and hengers’ approach to football administration cannot be applauded.

If we knew we had a focus on development then we should have opted out, and pay the financial consequences and focus on 2018.

The last executive under St. Clair Leacock was chastised, and rightly so, for paying former Technical Director Zoran Vranes in excess of US$6000 per month, plus additional expenses. He did not deserve it because he delivered little.

But a little birdie (not punning on the nick name of a member of the current executive) also whispered to me that the new man in the job, Stewart John-Hall, is getting a fatter salary than Vranes.

What is all the secrecy about Hall’s remuneration? Mr. Delves and company, let me remind you, that this was one of the issues, viz a viz, Vranes’ salary that caused Leacock and his executive to get the boot.

Tell the public Hall’s salary and put to rest all the speculations. The public will then be the judge as to if he deserves it or not. Remember, in the absence of the truth, rumour will prevail.

But what has become of the sport of Table Tennis? I am hearing little about it. Maybe work is going on behind the scenes quietly; hence we are to expect an explosion of activities soon.

While you have to judge if we are better off for the changes, the Sion Hill Playing Field, in my view, and the view of many of the residents of that community, is worse off with the erection of the “Mound”.