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Who stands to lose?


There is always an ounce of truth, in any pound of rumour. Since the October 20 elections of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation, there have been silent disagreements, as the outcome did not go the way which some persons had hoped.{{more}}

However, these disagreements and under currents are seemingly developing into a ground swell of disapproval and non-recognition of a duly elected executive.

What is making the rounds, is that there are persons here, who want the intervention of the Caribbean Football Union, CONCACAF and ultimately, the world governing body FIFA.

Their intent is that St. Vincent and the Grenadines be suspended from FIFA. If the grand charges that are being made become reality, what are trying to achieve?

Who stands to lose if this is achieved? The insinuation that there was ‘political interference’, in the electoral process, is the rumoured basis for the call for the current executive to be declared null and void.

A dose of amnesia must have come infected these goodly gentlemen, who must be reminded that at previous elections there were glaring irregularities, but no one murmured, as it was in their favour.

Lest they forget, there were many football units that were brought through the back door, to facilitate the election process. A template was put in place leading up to the most recent elections, but it stuck and eventually backfired.

Those who are at the forefront of the charge to have a possible re-election, should think again.

Replete with shortcomings, the past executive was less than efficient with its administration of the sport. This innate inefficiency gave rise to some of the issues that surfaced at the October 20, Annual General Meeting.

This country could be put to shame, if the further advances are made to have this country suspended, as it would just open a can of worms. The findings of the conduct of this executive especially on the management of its finances would be exposed to all and sundry.

Certainly, this country will not come out smelling good, if these threats are pursued. As expected, the faction may turn to its regional intimacy with Jack Warner. Then, there is that political affinity and that fraternization, which they hope should take them to their end.

I had reason in a previous exposition, to question some persons’ love for the sport.