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Caribbean on the world stage


Vincentians, and I venture to say the rest of the Caribbean, will have to adjust to the demands of the advanced booking system if they are to come to terms with the staging of the International Cricket Council Cricket World Cup. Ticket sales and other foundation matters are progressing apace, while everyone keeps a close tab on the weather charts.

It was, perhaps, unfortunate and untimely that on the home stretch to completion of sites, and other necessary arrangements crucial to the sustainability of the event, that there have been severe and vital shortages.{{more}}

The cement woes, although currently on the path of reversal and correction, came with near catastrophic implications. We in the Caribbean must be versed on securing the odd part of the bargaining.

But we are not going to wallow in perpetual agony, for the time has passed when we ought to overcome the throngs of hatred. Now we are a balanced lot who have come face to face with reality. We have to accept the unfolding situation.

The injection of revenue into the regional economy that the World Cup provides is a welcome intervention. The lessons of unity forced upon us by the common sense requirement of the event will redound to our benefit.

If we can resolve the rivalry between the differing states, and rise to the mature stage which most Caribbean residents practice, we would embrace the ties that bind, and the region would be better off.

The Caribbean civilisation is established, even if the cricketing barometer has not caused a universal reverberation. We are known for our survivability, but we have to go beyond that. The continuity, which must accompany prosperity, ought to become part of the natural state of operation.

We have to count on our profound inner conviction which must be used whenever we are tested. Our productivity has been an important guiding light. With the condensation of the varying cultures, techniques of unearthing solutions have become part of our development. We are strong, capable and adaptable.

The staging of the World Cup would be another feather in our cap. Any short falls would be worse than what pertains in any such prestigious exercise. The FIFA World Cup was the latest example. We may not match the glitter, or the flair that was demonstrated in Germany, but a natural air of confidence exudes around the Caribbean, and any hitches are expected to be sorted out. The risks, or demands of the international market, prone to acts of terrorism, while they impact on the readiness of security arrangements, would not be as severe as if it were outside the region.

The penetration of potential threats would be harder to accomplish than elsewhere, and the possibility of homegrown protagonists is far from the realms of present day probability.

We are guaranteed an incident-free tournament and the excitement is expected to build to a crescendo as the days unfold. All difficulties would be ironed out with the passage of time and action, and as former Vincentian Calypso Monarch Princess Monique puts it, and as Trinidad and Tobago, Soca Warriors reminded everyone recently at the World Cup.