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Stop de nonsense!


Brian Lara is captain again, the contract dispute has been settled, Wow! We should celebrate aint? Yeah right!! Celebrate what? Quite frankly, I am getting really fed up with this nonsense.

Imagine I can’t eat when the team loses a match. My heart rate skyrockets in anticipation of a game even though they lost the previous four games. I am always calling the television and radio stations if the scheduled time of coverage passes by 2 minutes. I remember listening to radio coverage and virtually putting myself in the stadium imagining with delight the savage pull shot from Vivian Richards or the in swinging yorker by Joel Garner that uproots the opposition’s leg stump. I am a fan, die hard “West Indies to the bone” And now, I just don’t care any more.{{more}}

How can a group of men who can’t beat a side even if the team was paid to lose be actually fighting for more money? I was never a big Richie Richardson fan but he was right on target when he said “Cricket is bigger than the players…today the priority is money and it is really sad”. Right on Richie; if only they knew the anxiety they put people through….cricket is “we ting” and these guys can’t be allowed to mess that up.

The thing that hurts is that the quality of the players is not the problem; in fact I wish it were so. I wish we were in a situation where the guys are doing their best but their best just isn’t good enough, I can deal with that.

Look at the test batting averages of our numbers 3-6 batsmen: Sarwan 44:12, Lara 53:33, Chanderpaul 44:82 and Bravo 34:52. What’s wrong with these averages, why can’t this batting line up give us consistent scores of over 400 runs? Talent, no problem, attitude, that’s it.

Listen, by all means they should be paid. A man is worthy of his hire, but please they have not earned the right to wait until the last hour to hold the entire Caribbean, not just the board, to ransom. Dinanath Ramnarine must have some personal axe to grind. I tend to agree with Andy Roberts.

As for Mr. Lara, he’s my boy, “meh love him like cook food”… I don’t care how it sounds, I mean that…but he has to stop his foolishness too. Yes, I said it, he is playing the fool, even he is not bigger than the game. Urgent message to Brian Lara: “Sir you cannot expect to fete carnival time, then walk into a tour and expect to destroy the opposition. You are getting old, your eyes are getting dimmer and the bowlers getting smarter.

Lara has to decide if he still wants to play this game and these lame brain excuses for absence and “breaks” need to stop now. He can’t play ODI’s because he wants to prolong his test career. But now he is captaining. What next? So he is willing to play now?

I will not be watching the series against Zimbabwe set to start tomorrow. I keeping off my TV. Furthermore SVG TV, please show a movie instead. Yes, I will even watch Lifetime , “television for women” with my wife, that is to tell you how I fed up!!

Wait brother, before you take me on, read everything I wrote, but ignore that last paragraph. Like they put me so, something wrong, because I still rallying round the West Indies and Captain Lara…No more drama please, “I can’t tek it no more!!!!”