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North Leeward a Classic community


Sunday, October 16, will be a big day on the Sporting calendar for North Leeward athletes especially, and those in the nation as a whole.

With a $1000 first prize at stake for the Franco Construction North Leeward 10K Classic, there is every incentive for runners. {{more}}

North Leeward has been a sporting base over the years.

For whatever reason, residents of that community have always shown a spirit of dedication and commitment to their every endeavour. Whether on the field of play in whatever sport, the North Leeward element always stood out.

The area is a fine example of the genuine Vincentian life. Its luscious hillsides, beautiful beaches, stashed within a landscape of varied and natural backdrop, provide a type of atmosphere, that envelops a feeling of peace and warmth which this nation is known for.

The district’s attractions have drawn international attention, from the fuming Soufriere volcano resting majestically half way up the northern mountain range, to the waterfalls and enticing nature trails abundant in the State.

Everything seemed to have fallen into place in North Leeward. The abundance of food crops and fruits add to the richness of the area, which provide sources of nutrition, so vital to the development of a healthy structure.

And the open vegetation adds to the purity of the zone, with its settings, marked by steep inclines and adequate expanses contributing an added boost for training.

North Leeward excelling

It was no surprise that North Leeward excelled in road races, even though like most other aspects of national culture, they had to have that added input in order to gain recognition.

Don’t ever overlook the aspect of culture, and you can bet that with the October 16 North Leeward Independence Classic, an unfolding of culture will characterise the staging of the event.

October 16 is World Food Day, another reason for celebration in North Leeward. The area might not be the food basket as attributed to the Marriaqua Valley, but the type of agriculture and fishing that has been practiced, endorses the area as one with a legacy of rich heritage.

And don’t forget the modern factor. With the Cross Country Road in progress, there has been additional focus on North Leeward. Small wonder therefore that Franco Construction has become part of the package. They are already etched on the landscape.

Their readiness is symbolic of the area to take on any challenge. Franco Construction is only too willing to entrench itself in North Leeward, for that will be a major foundation in its public relation exercise.

Other elements have come to the fore. Hott Vibes promotion is a Stuart ‘Rudy’ Louie creation. His attachment to athletics has been long and genuine. His cultural interaction is a matter of course. For coming from the village of Rose Bank is enough reason for him to be infused with a folklorist legend. He is a pivotal point in the rise of the Roses Crew, and that is enough to distinguish his cultural roots.

Everything mixes in North Leeward for the common good. The Independence Classic is another example.

If you have never been to North Leeward make October 16 the first, or make it the next occasion if you are already familiar. You will have everything

to gain.