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The last time George and I met was at Ricky’s wedding in St. Martin. We continued to keep in contact. When I learned of George’s illness, I called him and though being ill, George was never daunted by the magnitude of his illness. He continued to paint a positive image of himself and those around him, not wanting anyone to know the magnitude of his pain.I had the opportunity of speaking with George 3 months ago, and at that time George continued to have a positive outlook of life and his illness, because that was the kind of person he was; never allowing anything to completely consume his optimistic attitude.

Last week when I was told that he had a relapse it hit me hard. Having met his brother-in-law at the airport in Antigua and hearing of his downturn, I immediately called and spoke with Elsa on Wednesday, but could not speak to George as he was asleep. I went home for lunch and told my wife that I had to pay a visit to St. Vincent over the weekend to have a few hours with George. When news of his passing came it shook me. My family was devastated, as George was one of the family favorites.

We shall all miss George; his infectious smile, his whit, his optimism. Death is not easy to deal with, no matter how long we prepare ourselves for the inevitable, but let us not look at today as a day of mourning, but a day to celebrate the life of a loving husband, an incredible mind, and a loyal and true friend who has touched our lives in more ways than one.

To Elsa, keep strong knowing that George is no longer suffering and is in a better place. Also, remember that with a bond like what you and George shared you will never be alone. For love never dies and lives on forever.

Lawrence, Evans and Danyelle were not able to travel to send off their uncle George but send their love and deepest condolences.

Farewell, George, farewell. May your travels to yonder land be filled with as much fun as you had here on this earth. Farewell, my friend.

Friendship, the greatest ship afloat.

By: Edward E. Gilkes