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To: George Francis

I will always love you

George, you’ve always been

The focus of my life

Thirty-eight years of which

We’ve had so many adventures

Climbed so many mountains

And overcome as many obstacles…

In life you enjoyed freedom

And spirit of an adventurer

And I loved you enough

Not to inhibit that freedom

I loved your drive!

Your creativity…

The magic you performed

With the strings of a guitar

And your voice

As you sang old classics

But what I’ll miss most is my dancing partner

And the grace with which you lead

On the dance floor

I loved your taste of wines…

Your cooking…

Your smile…

The smile that always secretly

Melted my heart

All in all … I’ve loved you George

Even to this day and going forward

I will always love you!

I feel the emptiness

Now that the physical part of you is gone

But in time I will find contentment

Knowing that the spirit and the memory of you

Lives on inside of me!

By: Elsa Francis