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In loving memory of our dearly beloved Adina Samuel (known to many as Vida Ferdinand and ‘Hard Time’) of Rose Hall.

February 15th, 1931 – November 25th, 2007.

There’s an open gate at the end of the road through which each mush go alone.
And there in a light we cannot see
Our Father claims His own.
Beyond this gate,
your loved one finds happiness and rest,
And there is comfort in the thought that a loving God knows best.

May God who calls our dear ones home
And grants them peace and rest
Give us the strength and faith to say that He indeed knows best.
I’m sorry I had to leave, my loved ones, oh so dear.
But you see, the Master called,
His voice was very clear.

I had made my reservation a heaven bound ticket for one, And I knew that he would call me when He felt my work was done.
I know that your hearts are heavy
Because I have gone away,
But when the Master called,
I knew that I could not stay,
Yes, I’m sorry I had to leave you,
My loved ones, oh so dear,
But you see the Master called me and,
Now I’m resting here.

Yes I’ve crossed over to glory
And to you all I say
Just stay in the hands of JESUS
And we’ll meet someday.
Just because we do not cry now.