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Appreciation – With Roy ‘Dragon’ Ralph in Mind

Appreciation – With Roy ‘Dragon’ Ralph in Mind


by Bertram A. John

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing: it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” -Voltaire

Isn’t that an interesting idea? If we push on the concept just a bit, we might say that the quality of our lives is directly related to the quality of the relationships we share with each other. The Dragon gave me much to be proud of. His creativity was distinguished by a constant striving to give us, (the people), his very best. That is the measure of his love for us. Consider, even in our closest relationships, we don’t find ourselves sharing our very best that often. I am happy that he passed this way. To me, he was and is a beacon, lighting the way towards an understanding of our true potential. Vincentian culture produced him too.