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Joseph Nathaniel Cumberbatch a.k.a Daddy Joe

Sunrise: 22nd July 1909
Sunset: 22nd April 2008

He leaves to mourn: 10 children – Fredrica Lyttle, of Kingstown Park, Richard, Ephraim, John, Everad (Elvis) Cumberbatch, Rosalind Stephens & Ruth Bulze, all of Redemption Sharpes, Esther Tannis, of Lodge, Virginia Soleyn (Barbados) and Jemina Browne (Mustique), 47 grandchildren – Dr. Richard Cumberbtach Jr. (Jamaica), Markie, a Medical Student in Cuba, Shem Stephens, Male Nurse at Milton Cato Memorial and Alexandrina Soleyn, an employee at Cable & Wireless (Barbados), over 50 great grandchildren and 4 great great grandchildren, 1 sister Violet Cumberbatch (Sharps), 1 sister-in-law Ivy (Barbados), many relatives – the Lyttles, of Paul Over, Bess, of Redemption Sharpes, Phillips, of Sharpes & Green Hill, the Bonadies, of Green Hill, and many other friends. He was buried 4th May, 2008.