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by Angella “Ideisha” Jackson 01.FEB.08

I try to think where should I start to express my feelings, and I remember. There were many days I passed by being sad and depressed for different stresses that life had thrown at me, and there was one person who had the ability to cheer me up with a few words. His name was Lloyd “Lazaras” Samuel, simply telling me how beautiful I was, and how I should smile some more. He would often bring up various topics which were challenging and were able to take my mind away from reality for a few minutes. This happened over several years and finally in 2003, I fell for his charm, wit and intelligence.

Throughout the years he always challenged me to be my best. He encouraged me to persevere in my studies in Cuba and set good examples for others to follow. He thought education was very important for one’s fulfillment in life and often regretted not going on further. Often times he toyed with the idea of going back to get a degree, but he never rested on his laurels. He was a very avid reader of all types of literature and had a zeal for knowledge that was unquenchable. He kept me on my toes when I became relaxed, and made me aware of how important it is to read, especially the scriptures. {{more}}

He had the opportunity to participate in a few radio programmes, where he showed his ability to express his opinion in a very eloquent manner. One of his plans for the New Year was the formulation of a Rastafari radio programme. He also had the yearning to do things to teach persons about their African heritage.

Lazo’s zeal for life was amazing. He loved it and lived it the best he could. He often told me life is to be enjoyed, and would want us to escape to the river on a whim, or just drive to the country, or just go up to Belmont and overlook the Mesopotamia Valley. The simple things were his pleasure: spending time with his kids, reading, or enjoying Mother Nature’s blessing were the greatest gifts in his life. He also loved the finer things of life, like expensive clothes and shoes.

I sit here, and still can’t believe that in just seconds, persons lives are changed forever. Some evil person decided that it was time to take a life that they did not give and could never have created. I therefore ask you, do you think the major harm was done to Lazo? I will tell you, “No”. He loved his life, but is now with the Almighty. The most harm was done to his mother, who had the pain of burying her son, to his family and friends who are left with a void in their hearts and lives. His children, who are left fatherless, void of his love, his guidance, his kindness, his wisdom and all his teachings. Most of all they will forever lack his presence, his hugs and kisses. From me, you have taken my love, my friend, my companion and my confidant. He was who I shared my all with. He was my pillar of strength. When I was weak, he was the one to encourage me to always be strong. He reassured me of the Father’s loving kindness when we were very much in need. I now ask you what did he do to you to deserve this? What did we do to you that you should take him from us?

We who live on, promise you one thing. His name will live on forever, it will live in his many children and in our hearts, mind and our every thought. We will be starting a foundation in his name: Lloyd “Lazaras” Samuel Foundation where we will be giving scholarships to children of persons who died from such tragic circumstances. You have conquered his physical, but his vision, thoughts, ideas and plans, we will try our utmost to accomplish them and make sure they live on forever.