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In loving memory of our dear son Aldrin Edwards Charles

Sunrise: August 5th

Sunset: December 4th 2002

As time goes on without you and days turn into years

They hold a million memories and silent tears.

It is five years since you have left us

But your picture is still in our hearts

We are sad when we remember your passing

But your beautiful smiles give us joy

We know that we will never talk to you again

Your pictures tell us the stories of your love

Your gentle voice will always be heard by all who loved you

Your pictures will always be hung on the walls where we live and dwell

Knowing fully well that you are in a palace of peace and rest

We will like to say

And parted thus, you rest; you played beneath the same green tree

Your voice is remembered while we pray

And it brings us more joy from our Lord above

To soothe pain of losing you.

Greatly missed by dad, mum, brother Len, Aaron, sisters, Cynthia and Sounez

All relatives and friends