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Sunrise: 5th Oct 1925

Sunset: 27th Oct 2006

The entire family of the late Mrs. Sylvia Louise King nee Gabriel of Level Gardens, would like to express our sincere thanks to all those persons who sent cards, wreaths, visited, prayed, phoned, attended the funeral, or sympathised with us during our time of bereavement.

God has called and Mother answered, she’d been waiting for this call

When all suffering would be ended and no sorrow would befall.

Much and patiently she suffered, more perhaps than we e’er know

Now her suffering all is ended and her struggles here are through.

She has loved and served her Saviour

Reaching Heaven was her goal,

When He called she gladly answered

Ever upward winged her soul.

We will miss her cheery presence

Kindly smile and helping hand,

And those times of sharing struggles

No one else could understand.

Yet amidst those lonely hours

We’re rejoicing just to know,

She is free from all earth’s trials

For she was prepared to go.

Could we wish her back we would not

Back to sorrow, sin and pain,

When she is with her dear Saviour

Evermore with him to reign.

So, though we grow tired and weary

We’ll press onward for ere long,

When God calls, we will go join Mother

With the saints around the throne.