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Tribute to Albert Thomas Palmer “ Skipper”


By Rudon Richards September 5, 2006

“To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die.” ~ Thomas Campbell

Albert Thomas Palmer affectionately called “Skipper” was one of the most inspiring persons whom I have ever met.

Albert’s life spelt humility he had the ability to speak and to treat with persons from all walks of life, never once forgetting from whence he came. This was one of his gifts, a gift that not everyone possesses; a gift with a rare, magical, human touch.

I got to know Albert during my primary school years and had great admiration for his immense knowledge and skills, which he was always ready to impart. Albert to me was a jack of all trade but very much unlike many persons, he mastered quite a few.

However, even with such a wide range of knowledge and skills Albert’s quest for more information led him to attend many workshops and to engage in many discussions in an effort to broaden his intellectual horizon..

During one of our many conversations recently, he asked me “What would you like persons to think of you when you die?” I paused before I answered, that question had never crossed my mind before, when I answered, however, I posed the question back to him he answered quietly: “I would like to be remembered as a humble, simple, ordinary person who love people.” Little did I know that he was dictating his eulogy.

To say that I would miss Albert is an understatement. He suffered in silence, the Lord knew his pain and that felt it was time for him to go. In knowing this, I feel comforted in saying Farewell, Adieu, Adios to a great friend and mentor.