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Farewell to dear friend Dr. E.G. King


by Winston Baptiste 18.AUG.06

I first met E.G. when he was a student of the St. Vincent Grammar School in the 1950s.

I was one of his teachers. He came to my attention under somewhat tragic circumstances.

It was during the first term of the year and students were preparing for the annual Athletic Sports meeting, one of the major sporting events on the school’s sporting calendar.

E.G. was practising for an event called ‘The Javelin Throw”. Unfortunately, his throw was misdirected, probably by wind, and the javelin struck one of his schoolmates, eventually resulting in the youngster’s death.

I can only imagine the kind of trauma which young E.G. experienced after this incident. However, as time passed by, he was able to resume concentrating on his schoolwork.

And how well did he succeed. He breezed through his academic work and continued participating in sports, especially football.

He won the Island Scholarship and went off to Jamaica to pursue a degree in medicine at UCWI, now UWI. He graduated with Honours and, after a short stint at home, moved to the USA to pursue Post Graduate Studies.

E.G. spent most of his productive years in the U.S. but never lost contact with friends in SVG, especially his alma mater. In fact, when I last saw him he was wearing a red jersey with the school’s emblem on it. He reminded me that red was the colour of his House at Grammar School, School House.

With your passing, SVG has lost one of its brillant sons.

Farewell, my friend.