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Brewery steps up in fight against dengue with donations of Vitamalt to blood bank

Brewery steps up in fight against dengue with donations of Vitamalt to blood bank
Kelvin Franklyn, Trade Marketing Supervisor at St Vincent Brewery Limited

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As Dengue fever numbers rise locally to become the highest in recent history, St Vincent Brewery Limited has strengthened its commitment to collaborate in the fight against the mosquito borne disease with monthly donations of Vitamalt to the blood bank.

Trade Marketing Supervisor, Kelvin Franklyn, outlined the company’s long history of helping the communities it serves and its desire to continue that work in this crisis. Highlighting why the Vitamalt donation to the blood-bank was the right strategy to help save lives, he explained, “Dengue attacks the blood count, heightening the need for blood donations. In turn, the brewery donates cases of Vitamalt each month to the blood bank, which then gives Vitamalt to donors as a good supplement after they give blood.”

He added, “ We are very concerned about the rise of Dengue and the devastating blow it has dealt our families. It pains us to learn about loss of life especially amongst our children and we understand the sadness it brings to loved ones. We are, however, confident that our Ministry of Health, Wellness and Environment is doing everything in its power to combat the mosquito population and we too eagerly play our part in the care of those who are suffering.”

The brewery began its efforts at home by giving each member of staff insect repellent to ensure their own protection and that of their families.

“There are quite a few challenges facing our country right now, COVID, volcanic activity and Dengue, but I am assured of the SVG indomitable spirit and SVBL’s commitment to the people,” said Franklyn.

“The brewery prioritises the wellbeing of the community and will continue to do so. It is who we are as a brand, who we have always been. We have been making donations to the blood bank for over 10 years and pledge to serve our people in any way we can.”

Dengue fever has been rampant in the Caribbean for the last few months with a number of deaths reported across the region.

Franklyn encouraged Vincentians to join them in fighting for the recovery of those suffering from Dengue by donating blood.