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Digicel launches itself as a Digital Operator

Digicel launches itself as a Digital Operator

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DIGICEL, IN the Caribbean, Central America and Pacific, has launched itself as a Digital Operator, beginning this journey by introducing a suite of eight apps, and “data-packed” Prime Bundles.

“It is really a very momentous occasion for Digicel across the Caribbean and South Pacific markets,” the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Digicel St Vincent and the Grenadines, Fanta Williams, disclosed at the launch on Tuesday, October 20, at Basil’s Bar Kingstown.

“Today we have really reinvented who we are as a company,” the CEO noted. She said that 19 years ago Digicel levelled the playing field for telecommunications across the region, making it affordable for everyone to own a phone, and make a phone call. They continued their journey, Williams said, by delivering 2G, to 3G and now the LTE network.

“Today – we plant our feet firmly into the Digital Operating environment,” she noted.

Whereas before, “We were voice and data centric, that’s what we did, and that was the standard operating model for most smart phone providers, most telecommunications companies; what we are now is a Digital Operator.”

From this, they are seeking to provide eight apps, to “enhance your lifestyle choices.” These apps are: D’Music, for music; PlayGo for TV streaming; SportsMax “for all things sports”; BiP for advanced messaging, video and voice calling, gaming and marketplaces; LOOP for local and international news; GoLoud for 75 local radio stations, podcasts; Billo for cloud storage, and the MyDigicel app.

The new Prime Bundles feature all of their digital services “each with its own super generous data allotment so that customers can feel, touch, experience, and enjoy them.”

“Our vision is to be part of your everyday life. There are 1440 minutes in a day, we want to be part of that experience for every minute of the day with you. Whether you want to listen to music, whether you want to watch television, whether you want to watch sports…” the CEO explained.

For the Digicel Prime Bundles, “while you are continuing to use voice and data in your plans, now you will have enough data to access all of these apps in addition to that,” Williams informed.

They come at a “marginal” change in price.

“Before, if you were using any of our apps what we didn’t do is give you a large enough amount of data to be able to use them broadly. What we’ve done now is gone back and looked at how we can make those apps work within a bundle for you,” the CEO informed.

“If you wanna go on PlayGo, you would be able to watch PlayGo for hours without depleting your existing data bundle. If you want to use D’Music, you would have separate data that allows you to access the 40 million songs that are on there,” she continued.

Part of the brand will also include a “better together” aspect, where Digicel wants to reacquaint itself with its customer.

She said they want it to be a “synergistic relationship” and as such they have also partnered with local brands. For example many of the local radio stations are now available on the GoLoud app.

Further, in an effort to make the customer feel powerful when it comes to the brand they’re going to have customer commitments which they will declare openly so that customers can hold them accountable.

The country manager also said that they will be increasing access points to reach them.

“Where we may not have been that in the past to some, our aspiration, our belief, our anchor and our North Star now, is to be that brand for everyone,” Williams declared.

“…Simple information, no tricks, no hidden messaging, no tease and seize that you weren’t aware of. We’re going to be plain and simple and open to our customer and give them value in the products and services.”

In celebration of the occasion Digicel will be hosting a “One Love Together” virtual concert today, October 23, and October 24, at 8pm. The concert will be streamed via D’music, as well as shown on Facebook watch and Digicel’s social media pages.

Viewers will be encouraged to make a donation in lieu of the price of a concert ticket, and this is intended to go to providing children in need with tablets and internet access.

“Local artists such as Skinny Fabulous and Problem Child will partner with many of the other artists across the Caribbean to deliver to you something that I know because of Covid has been missing, the power of music to uplift us,” Williams said.