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Mother and her son missing

Mother and her son missing
Jolette Shoronette Stephen and Adoni Murray


A grandmother has yet to hear news of her daughter and four-year-old grandson, who left home for the child to get a haircut on September 16, but have not returned.

Viviette ‘Elorne’ Stephen is from Spring Village in North Leeward, as is her daughter, 36-year-old Jolette Shoronette Stephen, and her four-year-old grandson, Adoni Murray.

In a visit to SEARCHLIGHT last Friday, the concerned grandmother said that her daughter and grandson left the home where they all live on Wednesday, September 16. Jolette told her mother that she was taking the child to have his hair trimmed.

They have not returned and their family does not know of their whereabouts. The family made efforts before visiting to SEARCHLIGHT to locate the duo by social media posts, and reporting the matter to the police.

While there have been some reported sightings, the two were last seen on Tuesday, September 22, in Lower Questelles.

“She goes and comes, she goes under like depression and then she will leave home and she will go places, that days you will not be seeing her,” the mother said. They are especially concerned for the child who is supposed to be attending school, and they are wondering about his proper nourishment.

The grandmother does not believe that Jolette carried much with her when she left.

Any persons with information concerning their whereabouts are asked to contact the family at 431 – 8769, or the police, specifically, the Spring Village police station.