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Student moves up in ranking after review of 2020 CPEA

Student moves up in ranking after review of 2020 CPEA


A student of the Lowmans Leeward Anglican School has placed 12th overall in this year’s CPEA examinations, following a review of this year’s results.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that the child in question was initially placed in the top 57 positions when the preliminary results were released on July 16.

But following the review, the student placed 7th for girls and 12th overall, scoring 197 in the school based assessment and 281 in the external assessment for a total score on 478 out of 500.

A notice was sent by chief education officer (CEO) Elizabeth Walker on July 21, to organisations that traditionally award secondary school scholarships based on results of the CPEA.

The notice requested that the selection of candidates for scholarships be suspended until the updated country’s results are received from CXC.

“It was not a CXC issue, it was a school issue. One of the schools entered incorrect data for a child and that was the only error on the examination,” Walker told SEARCHLIGHT this week.

The CEO also confirmed that the school was the Lowmans Leeward Anglican School.

Walker said that the review was in relation to that particular child and a number of other requests made for external reviews.

She added however, that while the particular child’s position has changed, no error was found in relation to the requests for external reviews, therefore no changes were made in that regard.

When asked how the child’s new grades would affect other students in rank, Walker said “it will just move them by one, from the point where she was and her new location, the students within that bracket, would have moved by one position down, which would not have affected them in any way in relation to their placement”.

SEARCHLIGHT reached out to a parent of the student but did not receive any comment on the issue.