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We will make sure no dead person votes – Kay Bacchus

We will make sure no dead person votes – Kay Bacchus
NDP Senator Kay Bacchus-Baptiste


Hundreds of names of dead persons are on the voters list for the next general elections, and the New Democratic Party (NDP) is going to make sure no dead persons vote.

This is the stance of NDP Senator Kay Bacchus-Baptiste, who made these comments while speaking at a West St George virtual public meeting held on June 16.

During her speech, the Senator and candidate for the NDP vying in the next elections to represent West St George, spoke about an initiative of the party called “Election Watch”.

‘Election Watch’ is made up of between 15 and 20 pre-recorded clips containing “highlights” on the Representation of the People Act (RPA).

“Every Vincentian would know their rights under the RPA,” Bacchus-Baptiste assured.

She played a clip, which explained Section seven and 15 of the RPA. She noted that persons’ names shall remain registered on the list until his/her name has been deleted from the register, and one of the reasons why this would happen is if he/she died.

“Section 15 says the Supervisor of Elections (SOE) shall make removals from the quarterly list in consequence of any action taken under Section seven above and shall publish as soon as possible thereafter the corrected quarterly list,” the recording of Bacchus-Baptiste’s voice relayed. Failing this, under s25 of the RPA, she said, the SOE shall comply with all provision and it “may well be an election offence under Section 40(a) for her not to comply with these provisions.”

“My dear people, our electoral list has over 92,000 names on it, our population is just over 100,000,” the Senator informed, adding, “Only persons above age 18 should be on the list.”

“This list that they think they are going to the polls with for the next election has over 92,000 names,” she reiterated.

The Statistical Office of the Government put the mid-year 2020 population estimates for SVG at 110,696, with 73,351 being over the age of 19.

Holding up a document, Bacchus-Baptiste stated, “I have in my hand a list of dead persons, hundreds and hundreds of names that are still on the list, and that should be removed.”

“I have the name, the area they came from, the address, the date of death, where they are buried, the date of the burial. Full details,” she continued.

Raising her finger as if to make a point, she told those listening that under Section 7 of the RPA, persons must be removed if they are dead.

“I am reminding persons of what is happening right now in Guyana. Hundreds,” she stated with emphasis, “of dead people voted,” of which the Government was able to show death certificates for these people, she said.

“We have this list, and we are going to ensure that no dead person voting in St Vincent election,” the Senator said to cheers.

Raising her voice, Bacchus-Baptiste submitted, “I told y’all the penalty. We are going to comb the list, we are going to check the names. Every single man will be on board, the whole 15 candidates and all party groups.”

“Come and vote in a dead person name!,” the NDP Senator said in a challenging tone, “We going to make sure that no Guyana happen here. I am giving y’all our solemn promise my dear people. Your vote this time will not be in vain, they have to sanitize the list.”

SEARCHLIGHT contacted the Supervisor of Elections, Dora James, and she said that she would provide no comment on this.

She said all electoral matters will be spoken about in their education programme.