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SVG to purchase EC$4 million Medevac Vessel

SVG to purchase EC$4 million Medevac Vessel
Dr Ralph Gonsalves


A medevac vessel for St Vincent and Grenadines (SVG) is to be purchased at a cost of over EC$4 million.

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves said this week that the Ministry of National Security, Air and Seaport Development signed a contract on May 26 with the Damen Shipyards Group for the Stan Patrol Vessel (SPA1605).

And he said it is expected that the new boat will operate as an emergency response vessel, primarily as a nautical ambulance.

“The cost of the vessel is EC$4.391 million (US$1.616 million). A 15 per cent deposit is to be paid EC$658,736.86 — the first installment was actually paid on the 26th of May,” the prime minister told Parliament on Monday, June 22.

Gonsalves, who has ministerial responsibility for national security, said the first installment of 10 per cent – EC$439,157 – had already been paid and the remaining five per cent of the deposit is to be paid two weeks before delivery of the vessel.

While noting several timelines related to the construction of the medevac vessel, the prime minister said he anticipates the arrival of the nautical ambulance in SVG by October 2020.

He also said Cabinet took the decision to name the 52 ft-long and 16 ft-wide vessel ‘The Baliceaux’ in recognition of this year of renewal in SVG and the struggle of the Garifuna people who spent half a year on Baliceaux after being exiled following the national war with the British.