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Old Montrose resident says that he’s living in fear of police officer

Old Montrose resident says that he’s living in fear of police officer
Caldric Henry, also known as ‘Nicky’ or ‘Stammer’ says that he has been repeatedly threatened by a cop


An Old Montrose resident who claims he was beaten by two police officers in December 2019 and has been repeatedly threatened since then, says he fears for his life.

Caldric Henry, 33, also known as ‘Nicky’ or ‘Stammer’ said everything began with an incident on December 18, 2019, when he claims he and his son were pushed by a member of the Special Services Unit (SSU) of the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force (RSVGPF) outside of the Treasury department on Bay Street.

In an interview on May 25, Henry told SEARCHLIGHT that after the alleged incident, he reported the matter to the public relations and complaints department of the RSVGPF and the officer in question was apparently spoken to.

Nevertheless, just a few days later on December 23, Henry claims he was the victim of an unprovoked beating and threat from two members of the SSU, one of whom was the police officer involved in the incident on December 18.

The security guard recalled that he was walking in Largo Height in the area of the Prime Minister’s official residence when a Toyota Noah with tinted windows passed him, stopped and then reversed.

He said he continued walking, but the driver of the vehicle called to him, before the police officer from the December 18 incident came out of the vehicle, scuffled Henry and apparently raised his hand to slap him.

However, because he cried out persons began to gather, Henry stated.

“He dey dey like he well want to hit me, but he can’t hit me there so he start to say now I see he and I buss bad word on him,” he recalled, before the officer got angry and put him in the van.

From there, Henry claims that he was taken to the SSU base, where someone who seemed to be a sergeant was on duty.

“I thought now when I go inside there I will get to explain myself and so forth. By the time I reach the next frame of the door, to meet the guy, I just receive a blow,” Henry stated.

Before he could recover Henry said he was given repeated blows, while he shielded his head.

He said two police officers were involved in the beating, and another SSU officer also delivered a kick to him. After a while, he cried out and said he would tell his uncle, and this is when the officers were signaled to stop by the sergeant.

He said the SSU officer with whom he had the issue at Treasury department then spoke to the sergeant, telling him the story about how Henry had made a complaint about him. Henry said when he was about to explain his side, he was told to shut up.

Henry related that the other SSU officer then took out a large pistol, which looked like a Glock, put the weapon to his head and told him that if he (Henry) spoke, he would be found dead somewhere.

The police officers then left, and Henry said he spoke with the sergeant, telling him that he was not going to take the incident lying down, before leaving the base.

Henry said he made another report to the public relations department, and was given medical forms. He went to the doctor, and gave a copy of the medical report to his lawyer.

“From ever since that (December 23) I was getting threat from [the officer]. I was constantly making report by public relations concerning his threats and I am really, I am fed up of it. I would like the public to know what I am going through,” he stated.

Henry said he was able to meet with Commissioner of Police (COP) Colin John, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Junior Simmons, the three officers he named as being present on the scene, and a person he believes to be the head of the SSU.
However, he claims that he fears for his life, and that the last threat he received from the police officer in question was a gun sign.

His lawyer is in the process of bringing a claim before the court, Henry said.

However, Henry also takes issue with some offices from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) who apparently mock him because of his stammer.

“I want to say that I was born this way with this speech and I can’t do nothing about it,” He also commented, “I will like to walk the street freely without fearing of anything with these police officers.”

The RSVGPF confirmed to SEARCHLIGHT that Henry has made reports and the matter is “being dealt with”.

The police also confirmed that Henry met the Commissioner, but they declined to comment further because Henry has indicated his intention to take the matter to court.