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SVG Disney crew to stay in government quarantine despite testing negative for coronavirus

SVG Disney crew to stay  in government quarantine despite testing negative for coronavirus
The Disney Cruise Line docked at the Kingstown cruise ship harbor

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All 25 repatriated Vincentians sailors from the Disney Cruise Line (DCL) will remain in a government approved facility for the entire 14-day period of quarantine despite testing negative for COVID-19 with both rapid tests and the PCR tests done at the CARPHA laboratory in Trinidad.

The Disney Fantasy pulled in to Port Kingstown around noon on Wednesday, May 20, reportedly for the first time ever, and as the longest cruise ship to berth there.

It was carrying 25 Vincentian seafarers that the cruise line had agreed to repatriate in keeping with all protocols of the health authorities, and the Vincentian Government.

On Wednesday, after four pm, some of the relatives of the crewmembers aboard DCL began gathering outside of the cruise ship terminal for their loved ones to be tested.

One woman who wished to remain anonymous told SEARCHLIGHT that she was waiting for her husband and the father of her daughter to be given final clearance. She had spoken to her husband, and he was excited, as they were, for the moment that they would be reunited.

The wife expressed that she hoped the crew of DCL would be given the same privilege as were the repatriated crew members from Carnival Cruise Line on May 9, so that once the rapid tests returned negative, they would be able go home.

She commented that they have been away from each other for a long period of time.

However, the wife revealed that she was not fearful about the results because the cruise ship that her husband was on was reported to have had no cases of COVID-19, and since the last passenger left ship, no one was allowed on or off the ship.
However, her wish will not be granted.

Yesterday, separate releases from the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) said all 25 crew members had tested negative for COVID-19 antibodies by rapid tests and for the virus by PCR.

The earlier release said: “Rapid testing did not identify any crew member with antibodies to COVID-19, and the crew members were subsequently transported to the appropriate quarantine facility to begin their fourteen (14) day quarantine.”

Then later on Thursday, an updated release from NEMO said “All twenty-five (25) results for the COVID-19 PCR tests done on the Disney Cruise Lines’ Crew Members who returned to St. Vincent and the Grenadines on Wednesday May 20 are negative. This is according to reports received today Thursday, May21, 2020 from the CARPHA Public Health Lab.”

And according to the later release, all DCL crew members “will continue their quarantine in a government approved facility for the entire fourteen (14) day period in keeping with the established quarantine protocols which refer to compliance with the conditions of quarantine, and the precautionary stance of the Health Services Subcommittee.

“At the end of the quarantine period, a determination will be made on whether or not a second PCR COVID-19 test will be conducted on any crew member,” the updated release said.