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Super 6 half a million dollar winner collects his prize

Super 6 half a million dollar winner collects his prize
Jackpot winner J’Kwon Freeman(second from right) poses with Chairman of Windward Islands Lottery(WINLOTT) Inc, Murray Bullock(left), NLA’s Dougal James(second from left) and general manager McGregor Sealey(right)


A ST LUCIAN businessman residing in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) has bagged the Windward Islands Lottery (WINLOTT) Inc Super Six jackpot of $534,000 after playing numbers his mother gave him.

J’Kwon Freeman came into the landslide win on Tuesday, March 3 when the winning numbers five, eight, nine, ten, 13, and 26 were declared.

Super 6 half a million dollar winner collects his prize
The Businessman signs for his winnings as general manager of the NLA, McGregor Sealey(right), looks on

“…I’ve been playing those numbers for quite some time. It’s actually some numbers my mother passed on to me,” Freeman disclosed at the handover of the cheque on Tuesday, March 10, conducted at the National Lotteries Authority(NLA) office in Paul’s Avenue.

“Every week she’d call me ‘Hey, make sure you play your numbers’” the lucky winner recalled.

He said for the draw in question, he bought $66 worth of tickets from the Lion’s Club booth, which included $25 he won two weeks ago when he won four numbers in the draw.

Sleep could not take him that night, he revealed, and “I woke somewhere about two minutes to two, and first thing I did I went online and I searched for the numbers.”

“Perused for the tickets… the first set of tickets, nothing. I was in the position where I was gonna throw away the tickets and then it happened on the last batch of tickets, third line, I saw the winning numbers,” Freeman explained, recalling the dramatic moment.

“To be honest I couldn’t believe it at the time. I must be wrote down the numbers about 20 times cross reference it 20 times,” he continued.

The businessman, who spoke smoothly, delivering his winning remarks without pauses or hesitation, said winning the draw was a surprise, and remarked “I’ve been going for a little challenges in my business for now and I think, with prayers, it came at the right time.”

Therefore, he thanked God.

Super 6 half a million dollar winner collects his prize
The NLA’s Anthony Dennie, and Dougal James at the presentation of the cheque ceremony held last Tuesday, March 3, at the NLA headquarters in Paul’s Avenue

He assured the NLA’s Anthony Dennie, general manager Mc-Gregor Sealey, and the Chairman of WINLOTT, Murray Bullock, that “I will try my best to make the best out of it. I am self employed. I run a business here in St Vincent so St Vincent will still get a piece of the jackpot.”

Bullock, current Chairman of WINLOTT Inc, reminded that the Super Six is run by four Windward islands, who each have 25% shares in the company.

The prizes have been standardized across the islands, he further informed, and proceeds from the game go towards supporting Sports and cultural activities of across the Windward Islands territories, of a “sub-regional nature.”

“On behalf of WINLOTT I want to congratulate you Mr J’Kwon Freeman,” Bullock stated, adding, “…And the fact that Mr Freeman is a St Lucian is testimony to the multi island nature of the Super 6 game.”

The Chairman noted, “If my memory serves me right, it is the second largest Winlott jackpot prize to be won in St Vincent and the Grenadines.”

He commented that he was sure that as a businessman Freeman would use the money wisely, but added that he endorsed the message of the general manager.

Sealey had implored the jackpot winner, “use this money wisely – $534,000 is not something to sneeze at.”

Freeman also won a free ticket to play the Super Six again.