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Permanent police substation to be set up in Glen

Permanent police substation to be set up in Glen
Mr Colin O John, Commissioner of Police


A permanent police substation will be set up in Glen, to replace the mobile police station which was moved without the Prime Minister’s knowledge.

As he addressed the ground breaking ceremony of the Royal Mill hotel at Ratho Mill last week, the Prime Minister said he was not told by the police that they intended to move the mobile police station.

“I know that … the police have moved out of Glen…,” the Prime Minister commented, adding “Well I didn’t know it from them. I hear it.”

He disclosed that he knows that the mobile police station has been moved by the police, due to limitations that were being considered.

Continuing, he announced, “I have given the parliamentary representative the instructions to find a house in Glen where we will put a permanent police substation, properly staffed to make sure that the security in that area is further assured.”

“And I will hope that the next time when the leadership of the police move a substation they must have the courtesy to tell the Prime Minister,” Gonsalves, also the Minister for National Security added, to calls of “true, true” from persons in the audience.

The Commissioner of Police (COP) Colin John was also in attendance at this function.

“I am NOT going to take blame for anything, especially in an election year…which I am not responsible for,” Gonsalves continued, with more calls of “yes, yes” from some seated among the audience.
“If I am blame worthy, blame me, but you can’t move it without telling me because I had a say of it going there,” he commented.

Gonsalves noted that he was taking this as an oversight which will be corrected by the imposition of a permanent police post.

Addressing one woman in the audience he said that he knows this is what she wanted, and she will get it because “we have to protect all of us.”